10 fun things to do when your husband is away on a boys’ trip

I am sitting on my newly assembled Lisabo table from IKEA, wondering how will I spend the next three days while Mister is away for the weekend to bid his friend farewell (aka boys’ trip). I am perfectly content in staying glued to the couch, ordering in chinese and pizza alternatively, and enjoy  trashy romance novels and even trashier chick-flicks. All guilty pleasures combined into one weekend!

But in all honesty, I can do all of this while he’s home as well (he’s a sweetheart, and has accepted by gluttonous ways). So how do I make these three days, in a place I have yet to accept as home, less dreadful and more fun? After a lot of thinking (30 minutes to be exact), here’s the plan:

  1. Eat what I like but he doesn’t. Or is bad for me and he doesn’t approve. Like lasagna, okra, prawns, brownies, big tub of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie, M&M peanut, salted crisps, and so on!
  2. Do girl things – like put on a mask, tweeze in the lounge, pedicure on the couch. You know the drill.
  3. Catch up with girl friends – I can do that when he’s in town too but it’s just different when you are on your own, and don’t have anyone to go home to. I know my single friends are nodding in agreement somewhere.
  4. Sleep diagonally. Even horizontally works.
  5. Go on a coffee date with myself. I will be hanging out at Starbucks a lot this weekend. Oh, by the way, their Christmas offerings are now available. Hello hot chocolate with marshmallows!
  6. Live like an unapologetic slob. I am going to be swimming in a pool of clothes this weekend. And sleeping with them on my bed as well. Not touch dishes at all. Take out trash if I really really must. I can be a slob par excellence and will be putting on a stellar show.
  7. Have popcorn in bed. Not a lot pisses N off, but food crumbs in bed and he’s red in the face. All bets are off when he’s away though, right? I can roll in popcorn flakes all weekend, and no one will bat an infuriated eyelash. Goal!
  8. Sleep like a dead log. From 6am to 6pm. I may not be Martha Stewart with an apron on, but I can worry like a pro. I often wake up worrying if N has had breakfast if I get up later than him on weekends. And I am usually right to worry. He’s happily munching on cereal, without milk. Or would have gone on to fruits by then. But this weekend, no worries.
  9. Go to the gym. Okay, I’d like to at least think that I will. And you can let that pass without calling me out on it. Seriously, what do you get from pushing me out of my happy place?
  10. Not get into trouble.  Or sick. Or lock myself out. I wouldn’t know who to call, and even if I did, they wouldn’t understand a thing I say. ‘Aur na seekho German‘ I can almost hear Mother India saying in the background…

Lastly, a non-bonus: Frantically clean up an hour before he’s scheduled to be home!

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