Review: Facial, Manicure and Pedicure at Depilex Beauty Clinic

By now, you must already know that I love Masarrat Misbah’s makeup, which I discovered in my recent trip to Karachi. But that’s not all that I discovered as far as beauty regimes go.

I travelled back home to attend my sister’s wedding. It was all very last minute, and we had less than three weeks to prepare everything. Before my arrival, my sister took the liberty to make appointments for us – we were booked in at Depilex for facial, manicure, pedicure and makeup. Usually, I would undertake extensive research and decide on a salon after decent amount of homework. But you can’t argue with a bride, now can you?

I read up on Depilex online beforehand, and was surprised to see the abundance of negative reviews. The one complaint most had was service – rude and unprofessional, they said.

In about 30 days, I went to Depilex (Bahadurabad) thrice, and was treated with utmost professionalism and politeness. While I am not discounting other people’s experience, I didn’t have any major issues, except for one particular lady. I will recount the experience ahead.

Here’s what I tried, and thought of, at Depilex Beauty Clinic and Institute:



I was recommended Thalgo Facial by Yasmeen, a beauty therapist at Depilex, after brief consultation. I have normal skin, which used to be slightly oily when I was in Pakistan and UAE, and tends to dry out in Germany. No acne, and slight discolouration here and there. Yes children, when you don’t take makeup off every night before going to bed, you end up with tri-coloured skin colour.

The facial took almost an hour. It includes cleansing, exfoliation, scrubbing, steam, blackhead removal, massage and mask. It was truly relaxing, and my skin kept that subtle sheen for next 36 hours. And the softness stayed for good two weeks.

I had another one a day before my departure, and am so glad I did!

Price: Rs.2,500


I won’t take too much time or space for this one. My server wasn’t amazing. The treatment itself was ordinary – you can get a pedicure like that at pretty much every salon. My therapist wasn’t warm, and freely bad-mouthed another customer in front of me on my second visit. That customer couldn’t decide on her nail colour, and that was her crime.

Price: Rs.1600


Depilex, contrary to my assumption, is not an exorbitantly priced salon. I would definitely go back for the facial. Not so much for manicure or pedicure.

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