Man Repeller’s Leandra designs some seriously ‘repulsive’ shoes

When Leandra Medine launched Man Repeller, the cornerstone of her enterprise was unashamed self-expression. Effig industry standards, expectations and need to please. Why did she call it ‘repeller’, especially after making eccentric an office-appropo, is a mystery (until you get a taste of her slapstick humour and harmless sarcasm).

MR is actually just what every woman needs – an a-okay to be herself. Mixing and matching and contrasting the shit out of pieces right off the runway, because…why not? If that’s who you are, let the world know so, and leave them to deal with it.

Anyway. So after Chiara Ferragni and Nadya Hasan, Leandra has also ventured into the shoe business, with eponymous label ‘MR’. She wrote about how it all started, and what went on when designing was in-process, and you can read it all here. It’s an interesting read; but I came here for shoe-orgy and not entrepreneurial inspiration – so will come back to that piece in just a bit. As soon as I have feasted my eyes on MR.

The collection comprises all the silhouettes your wardrobe could ask for. From platforms and velvet flats to loafers and boots, the entire collection is made of 10 fun and quirky pieces, available exclusively on Net-a-Porter. They are just slightly out of my shoe budget at the moment (starting from €275 and goes up to 675), so I will window shop for now. Thank god that’s free!



Your turn – which ones are your favourites girl?

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