Episode 3/8 – 11 pounds down with Glucophage

Welcome back!

This is the third episode of my weight loss journey. So far I have told you guys about how much weight I have lost (all of 50 freaking pounds) and how it all started. Unlike the last episode, this one will be a happy and positive account; I can still feel the bitter, angry taste of last episode.

So, after my diagnosis (narrated with gory  details in the last post),my gynaecologist prescribed 2000mg of Glucophage for insulin management, and Yasmin for hormonal imbalance.

I started my medicinal course on a random Saturday. I had tea and toast for breakfast, and had my first 1000mg tablet right after, as instructed. MIL and I were talking, over empty cups of chai, when suddenly I started felt light-headed. The world seemed unstable, and I blinked a few times to regain focus. It didn’t work.

My SIL walked me to my bedroom, and got me a glass of water. I felt like I was floating. I couldn’t stand on my feet without support. I closed my eyes, and thought of shoes that I had yet to buy and wear. I wouldn’t be able to get my feet in them if I died just yet. I think that horrible thought pulled me back right up. Soon, the light-headedness passed, and I was fit as a rabbit.

Although I should have been prepared for some discomfort, as my doctor had educated me on it, I wasn’t. She had mentioned slight dizziness and upset stomach, among other things. But I am a drama queen and a half when it comes to medicines. I stare at them for hours before making them one of my own.

Anyway. Glucophage continued to make me uneasy for a few days. I tried it at different times during the day, and realised that mornings were the least feasible. As for Yasmin, it can cause mood swings, and irrational emotional outbursts. But that too settles over time.

I was asked to monitor my diet and get active. I did neither. Back then, I mostly lived alone, had no supervision, hated (and still do!) cooking and offered more free meals than I could stomach (perks of being a hospitality journalist). But I did make slight alterations; I limited the number of times I’d eat out and took stairs instead of elevator whenever I could.

September 2015.

Fast forward three months, and I am back at Dr. Rashi’s clinic. She tells me I am down 11 pounds from September 2015. I am jubilant, but she isn’t particularly impressed. She told me that with the kind of dosage I have been on, I should have lost a lot more, and that I need to behave myself or needles are next.

I gulped. Needles?

I walked out, resolved to do better next time. My stomach grumbled, and reminded me that I haven’t had breakfast. Another bad habit.I went to Balance Cafe, which offered healthy food options, and ordered a prawn salad. I was so proud of myself.

Life went on, deadlines drove me insane, carbs became my best friend again and resolutions went out of the window. Also, that prawn salad was the only healthy meal I had after the doctor’s appointment.

Until December rolled in, and I lost 14 pounds in six weeks, rather painfully. More on it in episode 4.

In retrospect, I wish I didn’t take things lightly then. Imagine, if you only had one house in the entire world to live in, wouldn’t you protect it with all you have, and keep it pretty and cheery? Well, this body happens to be the only ONE you have, and it’s time to give it the love and affection it deserves.

Take your meds seriously guys. They are made of some potent and nasty stuff, and the sooner you can get off them, the better.

And my gyaan for the day ends here. Happy Monday lovely readers x

– Shaheen –

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