Quiz: What scent is PERFECT for you?

There is an obvious chill in the air, signalling the oncoming autumn. Fashion trends are slowly transitioning to make room for warm jackets, trendy boots and deep colour palettes. Beauty routines are also turning towards heavy moisturisers and burgundy lip hues. But what about your signature fragrance? Isn’t time that also gets an upgrade to something richer, deeper, and musky yet sensual?

As the summer comes to an end, I have been on a lookout for a different fragrance to celebrate the new season. I do believe that fragrances influence your mood and vibe significantly, but how do you find out what is the best option for you?

That’s how I came across Yardley. I took a quiz on their website (you can too – just click here) and was recommended Poise Noire – a mysterious and charismatic blend, with mandarin, waterlily and jasmine petals, enriched with dewy rose facets.

Yardley Eau De Parfum has been around for as long as I can remember (established in 1771!); also, their widespread distribution network makes sure that you can easily find it in supermarkets and hypermarkets near you, in a convenient bottle of 100ml.


Now back to Poise Noire Eau De Parfum. It comes is a curvy black bottle, with gold trimmings; it instantly reminded me of an elegant woman, dressed in a black Avant-garde gown, with dazzling accessories. Come to think of it, it’d make a pretty good gift as well. The packaging is fancy enough to spare you the ordeal of gift-wrapping, and the scent will easily appeal to most of the womankind.

The fragrance has remarkable hints of floral decadence and musky splendour. It’s rich, inviting and mysterious – you can’t be sure whether it’s that fruity trail that is invigorating your senses or cedar wood base notes that are calling you – imagine Carrie Bradshaw in sexy bed hair and teddy, saying “come hither”. Purrr.

What I also love about Poise Noire is that you can get the same fragrance in 150ml body spray as well. And the astonishing price will make you come back for it again and again – until it becomes your go to fragrance for a day at work and drinks with girls post 6PM.

I’d suggest you pick up a bottle (AED39) on your next trip to the superstore, and give it a try. If this one doesn’t call your name, try Feather Eternal – it’s like a trip to an exotic flower garden, with sensual musky and ambery notes and comfortable soft woods. Either ways, you will be happy, fragrant woman with Yardley.

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