Episode 1/8 – Weight Loss Confession

Sigh. Yes, I have. In the last 12 months I have lost about 23kgs. It has been a long journey, and I am only half way through, but it has been the most enlightening 12 months of my life as far as my relationship with food is concerned. Also, it’s during these 12 months that I have gone to the gym for four days a week, for three consecutive weeks. Oh, and I now know what it means to bloat.

If you are following me on Instagram or Facebook, you might have noticed a slight difference in my appearance. I have been asked about many times in last few months, but I couldn’t bring myself to respond, appreciate or even own it. It took me a while to gather courage and write this. I have never been comfortable talking about my body (or anyone else’s for that matter). To write this, I had to step out of my comfort zone, and being a Taurean, I would rather hike up a mountain than step out of my safe zone.

But then the inquiries started pouring in. And I decided to do it. What’s the worse that can happen? I have met some great people via Cherry Cross, and this will go down well too. This journey has been so much more about my health and well-being than just weight loss. If this series can help a sista out, it’d be worth it.

So, every Friday from today, for a total of 8 weeks, I will post an entry to walk you through last 12 months. How it started, what I did, what was the most difficult part, how I didn’t have to give up my favourite food, and more. This will be the first entry, and the next will be:

2/8 – It took a four-hour long blood test to find out what was ailing me

3/8 – First quarter and 11 pounds down.

4/8 – Emotional turmoil that costed me…14 pounds!

5/8 – Adapting to German lifestyle and counting calories while at it.

6/8 – Hello LCHF WOE, Goodbye 15 lbs in 30 days!

7/8 – Here’s how I didn’t gain a single pound while on Vacation. In Pakistan. For a WEDDING!

8/8 – Game plan for next 50.

Bonus: With or without Sugar – here’s the verdict. And ways to detox.

Well, the cat’s finally out of the bag. Thank you all for your support and I’d be happy to answer questions – via comments below or through email at shaheen@cherrycross.com.

Until next Friday xx

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