Review and swatch: MM by Musarat Misbah

During my recent trip to Karachi, Depilex has been the go-to place for all my beauty needs (plus some beauty products). In retrospect, I feel silly for never trying them out while I lived here for 25 years! But better late than never, right?

I went on to get a few services at Depilex – Bahadurabad when the girls at the salon introduced me to MM by Masarrat Misbah. I had heard about their foundation, and was happily surprised to see an entire collection – ranging from powders to eyeshadows, mascaras and lipsticks.

So, on my first visit, I bought MM’s liquid eyeliner in gold and long lasting lipstick, Impulse. It’s a deep pink, with purple and brown undertones. On second visit, I bought their infamous foundation in warm honey. All of them are affordable (see prices below), which makes them great quality products at amazing prices!

I have worn all of them a few times already, and had to guard the lipstick with my life to make sure none of my sister’s took it with them. It has been a massive hit – even my mom, who’s been using the same brands and shades for over two decades, hesitantly asked me to get her Impusle on my next visit to Depilex – yea, I am going back again!

Here’s the individual low-down on all the products from MM range that I have tried so far:

MM Foundation in Warm Golden:

I first wore MM’s foundation in Warm Golden when the makeup artist at Depilex used it on me while I was getting dolled up for my sister’s wedding. It looked natural, and was really light. It didn’t crack and creased very little after almost 10 hours of meeting, greeting and eating.

I bought one on my next trip; when I tried it at home, I was surprised to see how little I actually needed. The coverage was amazing for normal skin. It has a matte/dry finish, so I’d suggest moisturising your skin beforehand.

While the shade was perfect when Yasmeen (at Depilex) put it on me, it looked a bit lighter when I tried it myself at home. So, I mixed a little bit of my Pond’s BB Cream (in beige) to create a tan shade, and it worked like a dream. I loved the natural shade, and it’s super easy to apply – I use fingertips,  and applied as I go instead of putting on the product and then blending it in.

Price: Rs. 1450 (USD 13.9)

CC Rating: 4/5

To buy online, please click here.

MM Liquid Eyeliner in Gold

It was an impulse purchase – and one that I know will come handy sometime in future. It’s not a glittery shade; it’s understated, and adds subtle glamour to your eye makeup.

As it’s a liquid eyeliner, I had to make sure that only the tip stays in contact with the skin, to control the amount of product that’s transferred. Initially, I wore it an as outline to my usual eyeliner, and made sure that the base of the brush stayed away from  the eyelid. Then I wore it alone, and fell in love. I might never go back to black eyeliner again (not anytime soon at least). It’s dark enough to outline eyes, sparkly enough to stand out and subtle enough to be worn from day to night.

Price: Rs.550 (USD 5.3)

CC Rating: 3.5/5

To buy online, please click here.

MM Long Lasting Lipstick in Impulse

Now here’s a star! The colour is truly gorgeous – it’s deep pink meets magenta, with purple and brown undertones. It’s matte, but doesn’t dry if your lips have been moisturised beforehand. Though it’s pink in all its glory, it’s not too bright or in your face. It’s something that I can wear to work (with BB Cream and eyeliner) and glam it up for evenings with metallic eyeshadow and illuminating blush.

Also, it’s truly long lasting. It survived messy, desi dinners and wasn’t too difficult to remove with a Bodyshop’s Camomile Waterproof Makeup Remover. It’s a dry lipstick, so moisturising is crucial!

Insider tip – you can either moisturise your lips beforehand, or apply lip balm on the lipstick and leave it overnight. Also, use lip brush to create the perfect outline.

It’s probably my favourite beauty purchase during this trip!

Price: Rs. 850 (USD 8.2)

CC Rating: 5/5

To buy online, please click here.

Coming up next – review of facial, manicure, pedicure and protein treatment at Depilex. Stay tuned, and thank you for reading xx

P.S. Lipsticks and glosses in MM range are the only certified Halal cosmetics in Pakistan.



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