Relationship dynamics have changed so drastically in recent times (since my childhood two decades ago, I mean) that not many quiet understand what it means to be in a relationship anymore, or what it entails. If the confused state wasn’t enough, we have statements like ‘science suggests that single women have higher IQ’ to further derail romantics. I mean, seriously? Since when does how much action you get in the bedroom decide how intelligent you are?

Yes, I am emotional right now. I want people around me to understand that being in a relationship takes a lot of work, effort and commitment. And while it’s a personal choice to be out of one, it doesn’t make a person better or more intelligent. Yes, the number of single women now is much higher than say a decade back, but there are reasons, most of which have nothing to do with intelligence per se.

I think ‘fast’ lifestyle is one of the reasons why more women are single these days. We start dating early, get scarred before we hit twenties and are set in our ways before we get to dirty thirty.

Why else are more and more women single today? There is feminism to blame as well. Why is it so difficult for us to accept that men aren’t women, and women aren’t men (thank God for that!)? We have different roles, different capacities and different ways of being. I am all for lopsided equality, where women have more rights than responsibilities. It’s when girls push for more responsibilities that they let go of opportunities to be more female, and enjoy being queens.

Want more? Expecting happiness and completion – from men! Seriously ladies, these guys can barely keep track of their socks; you think they can make it happen for you? You, my love, are the queen of your universe, and don’t need a man to make things happen for you. While we all love them to moon and back, they (like relationships) are an extension and not a part of you.

And there is more. We are growing up to be a risk averse generation; and love cannot happen if we are too scared of putting the wrong foot forward. What if I give too much and he doesn’t? What if he’s not that into me? You can’t move forward if there is a shadow of uncertainty and fear constantly lurking behind you.

The rant has gone long enough; what I am trying to say is that relationships do not define a woman. They are an extension to her, like they are to a man. She’s a person, and needs to be seen as such. I understand that emotional stability impacts a person’s life in more ways than one, but they do so at every stage in life, and are equally potent for both genders.

So yea. Women’s intelligence is in no way related to her relationships.

P.S. Some have already found a man-alternative, known is common circles as feline creatures (or cats if you like), and have contact details of handymen who can do what men are usually useful for (I mean plumbing and such, you dirty girl!).