Talise Spa at Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai, has introduced a new floatation therapy pool room where guests can experience a stress-relieving treatment scientifically-proven to be as beneficial as eight hours of sleep.

The first of its kind in Dubai, the Talise Spa floatation therapy pool allows guests to float completely unaided using a combination of Epsom salt and heating the water to precisely 36 degrees – relieving the symptoms of stress, anxiety and pain.                           

Designed for one or two people at a time, the pool has added magnesium which increases energy levels, calms nerves, reduces anxiety and helps with digestion. The pool is also beneficial to those suffering from muscle soreness, diabetes and hypertension.

The floatation therapy pool experience at Talise Spa begins with a detoxifying mint and lemon juice drink upon arrival, before the spa residents’ experts conduct a full health consultation and offer breathing and floatation tips to maximise the experience. Guests are then left to enter the pool and enjoy the relaxing music and ambience.

The Floatation therapy room’s design was inspired by the five elements of nature, with decorative features of ocean imagery and a cloud design painted on the ceiling to further add to the relaxing atmosphere.

Relaxing music is played throughout the experience, while post-pool guests are invited to use the luxurious in-room shower facilities.

With prices starting from AED 200 for 30 minutes and AED 350 for one hour, Talise Spa at Jumeirah Emirates Towers is launched a special Spa Indulgence package just for summer. The product includes 60 minutes flotation therapy and a choice of either a 30 minutes back massage or holistic reflexology for AED 390.