23rd July 2018

Movie Review: Rustom

I watched it primarily for the love of Parsi community. They are some of the most gentle and soft-spoken people I have ever come across, and I have been often mistaken for one (which is one of the most flattering things anyone could ever say to me).


So, Rustom. Starring Akshay Kumar (as Rustom Pavri), Ileana D’Cruz (as Cynthia Pavri) and Esha Gupta (as Priti Makhija) in the lead roles, it is a story of a Naval Officer Rustom and his wife Cynthia, who are happily married until Rustom is sent off to a mission, leaving a hurting and lonely wife behind. He returns earlier than expected, only to find out that his wife is having an affair with Vikram Makhija (played by Arjan Bajwa). As soon as she confirms his worst fears, he walks out and kills Vikram with three bullets in his chest.

Initially, it seems to be an open and shut case, with Rustom owning up to murdering Vikram. However, things soon take a different turn when more players come into the game, and lies and corruption are uncovered.

If a movie stars Kumar, you can be sure of a solid storyline. He has (thankfully) left his Khiladi 420 and Ek Hi Bhool days behind, and is now selective of his projects – it’s either high on entertainment or has an amazing story. This particular movie, Rustom, falls in the later category. The movie starts with a climax, and goes on for over two hours without a drop in momentum.


Ileane does justice to her role, and I particularly liked Esha as the rich, spoilt vamp (also, her lip colour choices are gorgeous – keep an eye out for it). Akshay Kumar looks great in the uniform, and his muted demeanour and razor-sharp wit will keep you engaged throughout. Also, Kumud Mishra (as a printing press owner) and Anang Desai’s comic timing and expressions keep an otherwise intense script, light and an easy watch.

I would really recommend watching it (at least once). It’s a nice movie, albeit without atypical Bollywood jhatkas and thumkas. Finally, here’s a movie a family can enjoy together. It should be in theatres near you, so get your tickets for the weekend, and enjoy Rustom with XXL popcorn.


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2 Comments on Movie Review: Rustom

  1. I beg to differ with you, Rustom Pavri never changed his dress and Priti Makhija never changed her expression. Extremely predictable story and almost ‘no’ acting. I would say the viewers need to demand quality from film-makers.

    • I respect your opinion and agree that we need to expect more. I think it’s comparatively better – with movies like Happy Bhag Jayegi, you have have to appreciate Rustom. Also, a feel-good story generally works for me.

      Thank you for your comment and stopping by. I hopersonally you come back again and I get to hear your thoughts as well xx

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