Tonight, I had big plans to go out to a lovely iftar, so that I could share it with you. However, I have been super sick all day, and I thought it may not be a great idea to go out in public, especially in a situation where I would be sharing food with strangers. I ended up spending most of the evening in bed, trying to not die. Good news is that I didn’t actually die – I am feeling at least moderately better now – so I thought I would pull myself together to share with you a couple things that always help to make you feel better when you are sick.

1) Orange Juice

Orange juice is life. One reason why it is so great for you is its high vitamin c content. Even though the exact connection between vitamin c and healthiness hasn’t been figured out, it has been proven that when you are sick, your body metabolises significantly higher quantities of vitamin c, meaning that your body is using it for something. Ingesting a lot of vitamin c is actually regularly suggested by doctors as a way to make mono go away faster.

Another reason orange juice can really help when you are sick is because even just a half cup can help boost your blood sugar levels. If you aren’t feeling well, the tendency is to not really eat anything. Skipping meals can lead to low blood sugar, which is where that shaky, headachy feeling can come from when you are sick. Drinking orange juice will help to bring your blood sugar levels up to normal and make your overall sick feelings less intense.

2) Rice Cakes

It’s important to eat at least a little something if you aren’t feeling well, especially if you plan on taking medication. Most over the counter medication can be harsh on the stomach, so eating something will help to prevent that irritation. Rice cakes are the perfect food when you are sick. Firstly, they are easily digestible, meaning they won’t put any more strain on an already questionable stomach. Second, they are bland. No matter how off-putting you are finding food, rice cakes have no smell and close to no flavour, so they will be easy on the senses. They also don’t spoil, so it’s fine to leave a few sitting out all night next to your bed to snack on whenever you need something to help your stomach.

I hope these tips help if you aren’t feeling well, but mostly I hope that none of you feel like this ever. Being sick is the worst.

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