Alpha-H’s director and owner, Michelle Doherty, battled with skin troubles all through her teens and 20’s before she discovered the concoction that worked from the inside for flawless skin, and wasn’t just a temporary salve to hide troubled skin.

She combined powerful natural ingredients to target every key skincare issue – from signs of ageing and sun damage to acne and pigmentation. She used dermatologist research on the benefits of Glycolic Acid, a naturally occurring organic acid which, when combined with a low pH delivery system, triggers increased Fibroblast activity, helping to spike the skin’s own production of Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, leading to a smoother, firmer, brighter, much more hydrated complexion.

Liquid Gold was then born, and has been applauded by beauty enthusiasts in Europe since its inception. It is often cited as a cult beauty product. Now, the potion has arrived in Dubai (available exclusively at Harvey Nichols Dubai) for Middle East’s beauty gurus approval. Let’s see how it fares.


Image courtesy – Afro Punk and Beauty Passioniasta.