This week, I went to a VERY instructional class with Hershesons on how to properly blow dry your hair at home. If you’re not familiar with Hershesons, Daniel Hersheson is the hairdresser for the royal family, and his son Luke styles celebrities like Sienna Miller, Kylie Jenner, and Cara Delevingne. Hershesons as a brand is the original blow dry bar, and their hair styling products are top of the line. So, it was super amazing to learn what a real blow dry should look like. I am incredibly challenged at styling my hair – it’s a good day if I even brush it – so this has given me a tonne of confidence to make my hair look awesome, and I hope these tips will help you too!

1) Always use a nozzle on your hairdryer. It allows you to make sure that you are directing the air down the hair shaft, which will keep your hair cuticle closed and make sure your hair doesn’t frizz.

2) Your hair should be 80-90% dry before you get serious about styling. To do this, just pull your hair out and down with your fingers, and aim the blow dryer down. Until this is done, don’t use a brush, or your hair is more likely to break.

3) Once your hair is mostly dry, use a round brush with your hairdryer. The most important that is that you need to style your hair from hot to cold to get the style to last. So, use a round brush and grab a section of hair that is the size of that brush. Aim the hairdryer at that section, and move the brush and dryer together from the top of the hair to the bottom. After the hair and brush are very hot, you can actually stop the blow dryer, and just keep spinning the brush until it’s cooled off. And your hair will keep the style! Anyone can do this, I’ve had friends use all sorts of hair dryers similar to Dyson hair dryer using this method.

4) Start with the front of your hair. Blow drying your own hair is super exhausting and your arms get tired, so start with the front, since that’s the part that matters most. No one will mind if the back of your head is a little flatter.

5) To add volume, blow dry your hair to the opposite side of how you would normally part it. Part on the left? Blow dry all your hair over to the right side. If you part down the middle, blow dry your hair straight forward.

6) You don’t need to hold your blow dryer at the handle. The whole body should be cool to touch, so if it’s easier to hold it closer to the nozzle to aim it above your head, go ahead and do that.

A couple bonus tips for curling your hair:

1) Again, going hot to cool will give you the best results. After you make your curl, hold it in your hand for a few seconds until the hair cools down – it will give you a stronger curl.

2) If you are using a curling wand to curl, you will have more spiral curls if you hold the wand more up and down and more waves if you hold the wand horizontally.