19th June 2018

Two Nerdy Things To Be Excited About This Summer (Besides Pokemon Go)

Pokemon Go is all the rage right now, and – full disclosure – I am completely obsessed. I’ve been walking more, meeting all sorts of other players, and loving how cute these freaking pokemon are. However, it’s not the only nerdy craze right now! Here are two more things to be excited about this summer.

1. Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has officially hit the London stage. It’s the story of a grown up Harry Potter and his children and all sorts of new He Who Shall Not Be Named drama. The show is currently in previews, but apparently it is EXCELLENT. I strongly considered paying more than I’ve paid for possibly anything ever in my life to buy tickets when I was up in London for its opening week, but then I realised if I just waited a couple months, I could buy a flight to London plus tickets for less than what these tickets were listed for.

I grew up on Harry Potter. I went to the bookstore for a midnight party every time a book was released and then didn’t sleep until I finished the book. I saw every movie at midnight. As recently as January, I reread all the books. SO, you can see why I almost considered buying the tickets. But the good news – especially for those of us who aren’t in London – is that the script from the play is being published and released on July 31st! I AM SO EXCITED!

2. Hamilton the Musical

So as an American, I grew up learning about the American Revolution every year from like second grade on, but I still could barely tell you anything about it, because school can be boring, and history has never been my favourite subject. I even took a semester long class in college on Alexander Hamilton, just because my favourite professor was teaching it, and I still don’t really remember much about him. BUT THIS MUSICAL! Oh man.

If you haven’t heard the hype yet, it recently tied for winning the most Tony awards ever; it’s about to open in Chicago and London; it has the most expensive tickets on Broadway due to high demand; and over 10,000 people enter a lottery for the 21 available cheap tickets every single day. 10,000 people a day! Point being, it’s big. And for a reason. It follows the life of Alexander Hamilton, who was an immigrant who came to America just in time for the American Revolution. He ended up leading important battles and seriously helping to create a whole new system of government after American won.

The show has made stuffy old white people in America from two hundred and fifty years ago feel interesting and relevant again, in large part due to the really great use of hip hop and rap. It doesn’t sound particularly cool, but I promise that it is amazing. I laughed, I cried, I listened to it a second time almost immediately after listening to it the first time.

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