Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover are a package now. You don’t see one without the other. They make an adorable couple, and are so obviously in love. They are now married for a little over two months, and revealing all sorts of cute little secrets.

The actors revealed that they call each other ‘monkey’. Yup, that’s Bips and Karan’s pet name. Cheeky, eh? And when we asked Missus about the cheekiest thing about Karan, she said, “Everything about him is cheeky. He looks cute and has a poker face most of the time, but is a real brat!” Karan, with a poker face, said Bips’ cheeks are the cheekiest.

Amm, we will ignore that and focus on how gorgeous they look together instead!

P.S. That look though *falls off the chair, clutching tummy, might need CPR*

This was originally published in Masala Magazine. Image copyright – Cherry Cross