Burgerlich is a local burger joint, on the buzzing Hohenzollernring street, and is your answer if you are looking for a lip-smacking burger. You would have a hard time deciding on what to indulge in!

It’s a spacious yet dimly lit restaurant, with splashes of colour and funky artwork adorning all the walls. It is awash with gorgeous sunlight during the day. In the centre, there is a circular bar, with rainbow stools around and massive ornate chandelier on top. The place will feed for visual appetite as soon as you step in, with its eccentricity, quirk and comfortable vibe.


Upon arrival, we were handed two cards and welcomed in. But we weren’t seated. We could choose a table of our own, or join people on long benches. So, even if you are coming by yourself, you might end up having a good laugh with random strangers. We were on a date (of sorts), so we took a table on the corner.

Time to order – the most fun part.

We have seen many restaurants replace menus with e-menus – go green! Burgerlich took it to a whole new level though. They have an interactive screen on every table, where you can order directly! You choose meat, add veggies and sauces, pick a bread, and can request additional items as well – like fries, drinks, onion rings, mushrooms, etc. You scan your card, and tada! Your order is on its way.


It does not mean that you can’t have a human assist you. There is an option on the screen, which prompts the nearest server that you need help. Also, servers are doing rounds all the time, without intruding those who prefer self-service.

We ordered a hamburger, a chicken burger, a side of fries, onion rings, hot sauce dip, and extra mushrooms for the hamburger. We were famished!

Shortly, a server showed up with lots of food. It didn’t look overwhelming but as we dug in, we realised that it was A LOT of food. We pushed our bellies to take in all the deliciousness, but had to leave behind some of the fries and onion rings. We just couldn’t push it down.

I wanted to try out their desserts as well, and would have to go back for it sometime soon. Oh, and the salads looked amazing too. I peeked into one that the woman on the next table was happily chomping on.

Too hungry was an insta-worthy flatlay. But it was the star nonetheless!

Verdict: Everything was done very well. Meat was succulent, sides were fresh and crispy, and the sauce was delish. And all for less than €30! Also, the place has an upbeat vibe, which instantly cheers you up.

It was a great experience, and I would definitely recommend it.

Credits – venue images are sourced from Burgerlich’s website.

Did I mention quirky interiors?