17th August 2018

Celebs take to Twitter to condemn Qandeel Baloch’s murder

No matter how much you disliked or disapproved of her, killing her in cold blood is unjustified. No man’s honour should lie between a woman’s legs, and no one should get away with taking a life on the pretence of it being Islamic. It isn’t even remotely related to the teachings of Islam.

Having said that, Qandeel Baloch’s demise can also be attributed to media, which went too far to reveal her ‘identity’, exposing pictures of her family and husband on national TV. It can further be stretched to masses, who wished her death innumerous times. So, why the change of heart all of a sudden?

Let’s face it – we are plagued with hypocrisy as a nation. And so used to tragedies that one like this will soon be swept under the carpet, and eventually forgotten. Until another Qandeel Baloch comes to forefront and challenges our orthodox ways.

What’s more, there are still hordes of people out there who fail to see the light. When I went to get the following tweets from Twitter, I was appalled to see people, including women, celebrating QB’s murder. They cheered her murderer, and claimed that ‘she was a disgrace, and deserved it.’ Our society has too many acting as moral police, and very few concentrating on being moral. A reversal may set us back on track for peace and prosperity.

Anyway. I am glad to see that many of those who represent Pakistan on national and international front are sane, liberal and reasonable people, willing to condemn this horrific incident.

Sharmeen Obaid: #QandeelBaloch killed in an #honorkilling- how many women have to die before we pass the Anti Honor Killing Bill?

BilawalBhuttoZardari: #QandeelBaloch was a Pakistani woman and deserved the right to life. No ifs, no buts. Punjab government must hold murderer accountable.

Anoushey Ashraf: Poor girl was an entertainer, a lost soul and never harmed anyone but herself.There is more dishonour in killing your sister.#QandeelBaloch

SenatorSherryRehman: #QandeelBaloch was no role model but she deserved a better, life and death. Strongly condemn!

Meesha Shafi: What makes a man murder like this in cold blood? Openly? The guarantee of impunity!!! Ab ma/baap maaf ker dein ge. Aur bus! #QandeelBaloch

Have you ever heard of a sister murder her brother over his beghairati? No? Thought so. Not about honor, but patriarchy! #qandeelbaloch

Zaid Hamid: #QandeelBaloch has been killed by her brother in “honor killing”. Get ready to read pathetic comments justifying this killing.

RichaChadha: As foetuses girls die at the hands of fathers, for honour they die at the hands of brothers, as wives they die for dowry #QandeelBaloch

Ali Zafar: If women started killing us to protect their honour, a lot of us would be dead!

Jamie Lee Curtis: #QandeelBaloch Your murder will not be ignored. Your voice not silenced. Your life and your beautiful mind, courage & freedom not in vain.

Aditi Mittal: She was living her life like a free woman (a right she has) toh no. She was not “asking for it” #QandeelBaloch

Mehreen Kasana: Depressing to see some women lampoon #QandeelBaloch. You fail to realize that your sexuality, too, is a threat to some imbecile somewhere.

Junaid Akram:She didn’t go to hell. She just left one. #QandeelBaloch

Sahar Habib Ghazi: Toxic patriarchy killed her. A blood-thirsty media killed her. Unhinged masculinity killed her. #QandeelBaloch

Sharmila faruqi: She didn’t conform to the norm, outspoken& unapologetic, silenced 4 ever. Shocked & saddened at #QandeelBaloch’s murder

Lastly, please do not share pictures of her dead body. It’s disrespectful, and we don’t need any more of that.

Stay safe y’all.

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