8 Reasons Why There Is No Place Like Dubai

As my two week holiday in London, Scotland, then Granville wraps up, there are definitely some things that I am going to miss as I head back to Dubai – my friends and family, Taco Bell, all the greenery. But I am still excited to be heading back, because Dubai is a wonderful city. Here are all the things I’ve been missing so far.

1) The Weather.

Hear me out on this. I know it’s unbearable right now, BUT in the two weeks I’ve been gone, I’ve been rained on every single day except for my last one. EVERY DAY. Which also means that it’s been dreary and overcast. It may be hot on Dubai, but at least there’s sunshine! Also I had to buy a coat in Scotland because it was so cold, so I’ll be more than happy to get back to a coat free life.

2) Lebanese Food.

If I could eat nothing but hummus and falafel wraps, I would be the happiest girl on earth. My building in Dubai is right next to a Lebanese place, and I’ve thought about it almost every day of my trip.

3) Dressing Up.

So this is at least partially my fault, in that I gave away all my really cute warm clothes when I moved to Dubai. But in the UK, it was just too cold to dress up. I opted for jeans and sweaters and a coat almost every day, which was fine, but I never wore any of the dresses that I brought. Also, there was one day when we ended up walking twelve miles, which just makes heels completely impossible.

4) Skyscrapers.

My biggest motivation to go to the gym is simply that it’s on the top floor of my building, and I like feeling tall. I love standing out on my balcony and looking down at the cars and the people in the city. I was really surprised at how short most of the buildings in London were, and then Scotland was shorter, and by the time I got to Granville, it was impressive if a building had three stories.

5) My Cat.

I am a cat lady. I have a slightly overweight orange cat named Badger, whom I love with my whole heart. I’ve had him since he was a kitten, and I paid more money than I would care to admit to ship him over to live in Dubai with me. I cannot wait to crawl back in my own warm bed and take a nap cuddling my cat.

6) Cheap Public Transport and Taxis.

You guys. We’ve got it made in Dubai. When I was in London, I spent the equivalent of AED165 just on taking the metro around the city for four days. Not to mention, taxis were crazy expensive. I was running late for an evening event, so I took a taxi for a fifteen minute trip, and it was AED85. But even that is better than when I got back to Granville, when there is literally not a single public transportation option. No buses. No taxis. No nothing. You can either drive yourself everywhere, walk, or politely call your mom to come pick you up (which I may or may not have done on more than one occasion). Dubai is a different story. Public transport is so easy, so cheap and readily available. You can also travel in luxury if you please – limos, boats and yachts can be hired. Check out some of the boat charter choices out there. They are stunning!

7) Food Delivery.

Another one of the many magical things about Dubai. You can get anything anytime. Again, London is pretty good about this. But once you get out into the small towns in Scotland and the States, this is pretty much nonexistent. In Scotland, we were lucky to find a place to eat that was even open for dinner. In Granville, your only delivery option is pizza before 10pm. I am definitely looking forward to having a much wider array of food delivery options when I get home!

8) All the People.

My absolute favourite thing about Dubai is the mix of people who live there. I love the culture of being a nation that is mostly made up of expats, because I think it makes the people who live here exceptionally friendly and welcoming. Everywhere you go, it’s easy to strike up a conversation with anyone, because deep down we all understand that feeling of wanting to connect with other people after you move across the seas to a new place. It’s that wonderful way of living life that makes me love Dubai so much, and that’s what I am incredibly excited to return to.

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