What Eid in Germany looks like…

Eid Mubarak everyone!!

Hope you had a fantastic one, with lots of sweets, happiness and Eidi. It’s times like these that make you miss home the most. There is nothing as precious as family, so if you are with them, please cherish them. They are all that really matter.

And there are so many other things that I miss now about Eid in Karachi – which earlier used to be a nuisance. I always hated going to the tailors, but I miss that now. Or running to Zamzama to pick up something to wear because I was too lazy earlier but won’t be caught dead repeating an outfit on Eid. Or Mother India’s relentless attempts to make sure the house was sparkling clean. And issuing all kinds of threats to make sure we were up and dressed on time. Also, there was nothing sweet, no biryani, and no sawaiyaan. And no Eidi. None. Zilch. Nada. Basically, no Eid.

In my part of the world (Cologne, Germany), it was like any other day. Business went on as usual. The only out-of-ordinary element was that I wore a Pakistani dress after…7 months?? Yes, it has been THAT long!

Mister and I spent the evening with carbs; our first stop was Frittenwerk on Ehrenstrasse, followed by sampling Cologne’s best ice cream. More about it the next post.

For now, let’s focus on #ootd:



2016-07-07 00.45.21


Shirt – Generation; Pants – Khaadi; Clutch – Banana Republic; Lipstick – Maybelline Superstay 24H

As Eid usually stretches for over three days back home, there will be a lot more fun and family moments coming your way. And I hope you enjoy it to the most! Xx

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