Dear Diary, Madrid Arts and Craft scene is fantastic!

Dear Diary,

What a day! There were two main things on today’s agenda. Collect media accreditation card in the morning and attend IIFA’s official press conference in the evening.

Media registration was organised at IFEMA. It’s local equivalent would be Expo Centre in Karachi and World Trade Centre in Dubai. It took me a while to finally find my way to the designated room, only to find out that their printer wasn’t working.

Yup, that still happens.

So, Maria (my new friend) and I set out to explore the city. That’s how we ended at Madrid’s Arts and Craft market. Two adjacent rows of canopies hosted local craftsmen, who had stunning goods to offer. From hand blown jewellery to hand painted mirrors and exotic, carefully curated selections of nature, the place was buzzing with creative and awe-inspiring collections.


Two such vendors stood out for me. First one was Testone, which used leafs from plants with therapeutic qualities, covered them in gold, silver or copper, and turned it into exotic jewellery. Every item was a piece of wearable art.


Second was Luis Cristobal. He’s an artist who mines his fare in Uruguay, polishes and designs them in Kazakhstan and sells it in Madrid. All precious stones are mined from.Volcanic mountains, and is rare to the core. I saw the most beautiful purple amethyst, and other sparkling stones that would add a lot of character to any home. Luis truly knows his thing for not only is he a professional jeweller, he also teaches the same craft at a university in Uruguay.


Soon it was time for me to head home and quickly get dressed for IIFA’s press conference, where I was to meet my ONLY Bollywood crush.

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