And the award for the most kickass job ad goes to…

They put Bieber in his place, quoted Back Street Boys and used d**k in a formal job advertisement. Now that’s a tall-tucking-order to break!

DCMN, based out of Berlin, surely looks like a fun place to be at; also, their portfolio comprises some fancy names, like Wayfair, Glossy Box and Leetchi.

Now let me share with you the masterpiece – DCMN’s job post looking for a copywriter, which may also come in handy if you are battling Monday blues, looking to switch and thinking up 101 ways to murder your boss’ cat – because killing your boss would be too mainstream. And passé.


Hi there! We are DCMN, the 2nd fastest growing company in Germany within the advertising/marketing industry – according to FOCUS Magazine. To keep us growing strong, we’re looking for a creative Junior / Mid-Level Copy Writer with mind-blowing ideas, to join our amazing team at our headquarters in Berlin.

This is your chance to join an experienced and entertaining team of motivated and talented top performers. You will work closely with our Creative Director to come up with pitches and ideas for exciting digital brands, instead of designing banners for insurance companies in little cubicles with 700 other people.

Your tasks

  • Come up with kick ass ideas that will make people jealous of your genius
  • Write copy that will make Shakespeare’s poetry look like a Justin Bieber song.
  • Spend half your day looking for „Inspiration“, which probably means watching cats play the cello on YouTube, but hey, whatever floats your boat, dude!
  • Amaze us with your brilliance or baffle us with your bullshit

Your profile

Like the famous Backstreet Boys once sang: ‘I don´t care who you are, where you´re from, what you did, as long as you´re creative.’

Ok we lied, you will need a thing or two to make this work:

  • A portfolio so amazing, it will make your colleagues want to give up on advertising forever
  • Team player, can-do attitude, bla bla… just don’t be a dick
  • You’ve wasted 2 to 3 years of your life working for other advertising agencies
  • You have the urge to come up with ideas that could change the industry forever.
  • You have the ambition and endurance to be a part of a creative department that is growing rapidly
  • You speak fluent English or German, or both! Swahili is also nice. Not gonna help you to get this job, but it’s still pretty cool in general.
And yes, I am ready to get back in work force, just FYI – in case you are looking for a creative genius with saccharine tongue, voilent pen, insatiable appetite and experimental style to join your team Xx

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