Limitless (TV Series) is the (unofficial) sequel of the eponymous feature film, starring Bradley Cooper, which was released in 2011. It’s a story of an average American, who has lived an average life with average dreams and above average failures.  A mysterious drug, NZT, finds him and allows him access to extraordinary cognitive powers. This average man becomes the smartest bloke on the block; he soon finds himself in FBI, solving cases and finally doing something with his life.

Simultaneously, he is also working with Senator Mora (Bradley Cooper), who provides him with immunity shots to protect him from NZT’s fatal side effects. His undercover role with the senator soon demands him to make tough calls.


The series starts really well – high paced, lots of suspense and action, and story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. There is FBI, tonnes of bad guys, tad bit of humour and enthralling plot. Then it takes a perilous dip half way through (around episode 11), and I fast forwarded a few episodes. It again picks up from episode 17 and goes from strength to strength thereon.

It is the kind of series you will enjoy if you liked Sherlock Homes. Give it a try – at least an episode or two, for Bradley’s sake (though Jake McDorman aka Finch is pretty cute too).


Okay, seriously.