If you like eating a lot of Indian food (and who doesn’t?), you should absolutely check out Punjabi by Nature during Ramadan this year. They have an amazing iftar buffet, which actually changes daily, and each day’s menu can be found on Zomato. The buffet is AED68, Saturday through Thursday, and AED73 on Friday, which is really well priced for the quality of the food. I had a quick chat with the owner and she shared that they don’t use garam masala; instead, they chose to combine fresh spices individually for each dish.

The iftar buffet also has an amazing selection of vegetarian options all the way through. Several dishes have some heat to them, so if you are sensitive to spicy foods, it may be worth checking before you dive in, but the heat has so much flavour to it, it’s wonderful. Seriously, the food here is fantastic.

Just to illustrate how delicious the food is, that photo of the almost empty dessert dish was the second tray that had been brought out and was taken within five minutes of it arriving. Everyone kept going back for seconds and thirds and fourths.

Overall, Punjabi by Nature is a wonderful choice for iftar this Ramadan season. Not only will the food leave you full and satisfied, but the ambience and vibe will also leave you feeling quite happy.