Clearly Ramazan is not quite the time to aim for weight loss by consuming even fewer calories when you can finally eat, but it sure is the month to maintain what you may have lost up to now if you’re on any such plan or are simply looking to be within your current weight range.

So, in keeping with the kind of eating habits I religiously advocate (cult level anti-sugar and white flour), as talked about in detail in my  recent article ‘Unleash Your Ultimate Radiant Potential‘, please find below a meals guideline to be effortlessly followed this Ramazan, in order to retain our energies, dress size and sanity through these long summer-struck fasts:


  1. One to two eggs, however you like ’em prepared with additions such as mushrooms, cheese, veggies, meat. Just stick to more natural forms of cheese and no lunchmeats tossed in there please! On days when you’re not in as eggy a mood, have about two of shami or sheesh kababs instead
  2. No desi across the world should be deprived of parathas on sehri but then no human should be feeding on wheat flour on such a regular basis either. So how do we hit a mid ground here? We make ourselves two little round parathas seasoned with sliced onions, flax seeds, fresh green chilies and cumin using bajray ka aata – black millet flour 🙂 Another healthy alternative being the incessantly yummy besan ki roti – gram flour flatbreads!
  3. Half a cup of any kind of lentils and/or some cooked vegetable such as stir fried okra to go with your paratha/roti – the more creative you go with lentils and veggies, the better! On days when you wish to have something else other than the breads, lentils and cooked veggies, have all-natural Alpen’s Swiss Muesli in milk!
  4. A piece or two of a low-glycemic seasonal fruit such as peaches in Karachi for now
  5. A cup of tea or coffee WITHOUT SUGAR, THANKYOU
  6. Just before sehri’s “finishing line” take your supplements – multivitamin etc.
  7. After all this, see if you can gulp down two glasses of water

Yes, you may too judge me now. I am a big eater! 93% of the human race despises me for this.

Pakistani Omelette


Bajray ki roti – Black Millet Flour Flatbread


  1. Two to three Dates
  2. As much water as you can
  3. A handful of nuts
  4. Lots of Fruit Chaat (fruit salad)
  5. Dahi Baray OR Cholay (Seasoned & Boiled Chickpea dish)
  6. Homemade freshly prepared pakoray (gram flour deep friend snacks) twice a week, NOT EVERY DAY due to its deep frying element that may aggravate acidity in some of us. All the ingredients used otherwise are really healthy!
  7. Tea time again, for tea lovers 💛
Our all-time favorite iftaar item – the Fruit Chaat is sprinkled with some distinct spices authentically


50% protein and 50% carb strength loaded Black Chikpea Salad – Kaala Chana Chaat as we call it


  1. If you choose to have dinner then you may eat what is listed below ‘Iftaar’ to point number 3 and then have your home cooked meal comprising of meat OR vegetables and lentils to be had with steamed rice. Alternate between an all-protein dinner with a rice based one every other eve.
  2. Be a water water baby post dinner and till the point you hit bed – drink, drink, drink!


A perfect example of an all-protein meal would be this Hari Chicken Boti


A staple Pakistani homemade simple meal of steaming Daal Chaawal

Eat well, look good, feel great!

Here’s wishing you all a truly joyous and feastful Ramazan!