Get a cup of your favourite caffeine and let’s get reading:

n58374Answered Prayers by Danielle Steel – One of the good reads by Danielle Steel, and one you might have a difficult time putting down. The story revolves around Faith, wife of a banker and mother to two daughters, living a life many would envy. Her life takes an unexpected turn when people close to her fall victim to untimely demise. Things get a lot more difficult (and heartbreaking) when her already emotionally-distant husband leaves her to deal with the empty nest syndrome alone, and eventually walks out on her for his much younger receptionist after over two decades of companionship. Faith remains steadfast, discovering strength within herself that was never nurtured. After a lifetime of struggle, she finally arrives – to find a purpose in life and a partner who appreciates her for all she is and has to offer.

Rating: 4/5

77870D811F1297013B912922E74C355BOn a Wild Night by Stephanie Laurens – Historical romance is my favourite genre, yet I struggled to finish this book. The story is engaging but drags on unnecessarily. It’s set in glamorous 1800s, where ballroom and ton was at the centre of each dame’s world. Finding a husband was important to Cynster twins as well, but they were yet to find The One. They knew exactly the kind of men who would fit the bill, but couldn’t find them in the ton. So Amanda, one of the twin sisters, decides to take the forbidden path and heads to gentlemen’s den, where no respectable lady would dare set a foot in. As fate would have it, she finds her perfect man on her first night of rebellion. Now the only challenge is to make this gorgeous rake, who has no inclinations to marriage, fall in love with her and ask for her hand in marriage. What follows are dangerous pursuits, battle of egos and hearts, and eventually a sweet surrender. Despite being long, it was an enjoyable read.

Rating: 4/5

the-cottageThe Cottage by Danielle Steel – I have read so much of Danielle Steel that I can almost always accurately predict how the story will unfold – like I knew exactly who the Big Guy was going to end up with as soon as she entered the plot of this particular story.

It’s a story of three men, thrown together by fate, and how their love lives get all tangled up once they are all at The Cottage. Tragedy and miracles, accompanied by sweet love and DS’ signature drama, are at the core of this novel.

Rating: 3/5