For the past 9 years, Atelier Swarovski has been working with external fashion designers, architects, and everyone in between to get fresh perspectives and push the boundaries of what is possible with crystal in jewelry. This year, for the first time, this division of Swarovski has created a home decor line that attempts to do the same, with offerings that will match many a Plantation Shutters Denver has to hand around the house. The line will have a limited run available in November both online and in a handful of cities around the world, Dubai included. The Atelier Swarovski team was wonderful enough to bring over several of the home decor pieces so we could get a sneak peek! If you are a fan of high end furniture, Lulu & Georgia have got you covered there, you might want to pair it with a lovely Swarovski side table, don’t limit yourself to one amazing piece of luxury.

Tord Boontje LanternsTomas Alonso TrayAldo Bakker Vase

One of the things I love most about this collection is how every collaborator’s vision is completely different. Tord Boontje incorporates the glamour and bling you expect from Swarovski into his lanterns; Tomas Alonso’s trays are fun and colorful; Aldo Bakker’s vase is functional and beautifully simple. There’s also an incredibly piece by the late Zaha Hadid, the famed Iraqi architect who was known for her futuristic and elaborate aesthetic. This piece is no exception, and it uses a new technology called wave cutting, which allows for a perfect curve to be cut into crystal for the first time. One of the members of the Atelier Swarovski team was telling me that the wave cutting machine requires such skill to work, that there are literally only two people in the world who are currently able to operate it.

My other favorite pieces are from Fredrikson Stallard. They took their inspiration from the glaciers around Wattens, where Swarovski’s headquarters are located in Austria. Their creative process involved ordering huge blocks of ice to their workspace, which they smashed with hammers. Then they pulled out their favorite shapes from the broken ice, and 3-D scanned those pieces over to Swarovski, who worked on developing techniques to cut the crystal into those beautiful organic shapes.

Fredrikson Stallard centerpiece (7)

Overall, the Atelier Swarovski Home collection is gorgeous, and I am sure it will do incredibly well. The pieces cover such a range that everyone will be able to find something they love, and they really are works of art. It’s also wonderful to see a company that is already so successful push themselves to innovate new and exciting products.