Pakistani fashion is fearless when it comes to colour palette. Our designers take the bull by the horn, throw in all sorts of clashing colours in the mix and manage to create ethereal collections time and again.

And this year’s Fashion Parade London edition proved it all over again, with designers like Nomi Ansari, Faiza Samee and Ali Xeeshan slaying the ramp with one beautiful ensemble after the other.

You can follow all the action on Instagram with #fashionparadelondon. But before you head over, you need to check out these stellar pieces by our designers, showcased at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge.

2016-06-01 04.27.45
Ali Xeeshan.
2016-06-01 04.28.42
Nomi Ansari.
2016-06-01 04.27.23
Ali Xeeshan.


2016-06-01 04.28.18
Faiza Samee.

Fashion Parade London is the flagship event by Mustang Productions in association with Encyclomedia PR. Every year it promises to feature the best of South Asian fashion to the British audience. Leading designers are invited to showcase their collections in a credible show held in the heart of London with the foundational ethos of promoting talent to key members of international business, media and the fashion fraternity. Whilst some designers will showcase more traditional outfits, there will also be some that choose to show more current outfits for the younger audiences. Teenagers and young adults want to look fashionable and up to date with fashion trends, so it’s important that some clothing brands, such as Lychee the Label (, offer this to global audiences. Younger audiences want to be able to experience the fashion of different cultures, so it’s great that some businesses are offering Asian streetwear to them.

This season saw a whole bunch of top tier designers at the event, including HSY, Saira Rizwan, Ali Xeeshan, Faiza Samee, Nomi Ansari, Hira Shah, Raishma, Studio S by Seher Tareen, and Mehreen Noorani.