She can claim royalty for making contouring a mainstream craze. What used to be a greenroom secret was let out by the reality TV star, and beauty fanatics consumed it with more fervour than I do chocolate cake.

And now, a few springs later, she is all about minimalism and ‘non-touring’. At recently held British Vogue Festival, Kim Kardashian said that she has been trying to tone down her makeup routine, and has exchanged contouring for non-touring. Fashionista reported that her now travel-sized beauty bag only contains an eyelash curler, nude lipstick, mascara, foundation, Joe Blasco foundation, MAC kabuki brush, a gold eye pencil from Kardashian Beauty, a little pot of powder, Smashbox powder and blush. She’s totally digging strobing and the only thing she now contours is her nose.

Her downsizing on the beauty front is working really well for her. She recently posed sans makeup for the cover of Vogue Australia and it is by far one of her best covers.



Also, non-touring has arrived just in time for summer. This season is all about blushes and lip-stains, with weightless foundation and sultry lashes. We are all for it and ready to downsize. Are you up for non-touring as well? Let us know!