Last summer must have been the first in a decade that I wasn’t in my beloved Karachi as I struggled to live the supposed “high life” Dubai in parallel to the cheap s**t third world labour role we desis ever too willingly sign up for in the UAE. Like other fellow Karachiites out there, I was too devastated by the day to learn how the ruthless heat wave took hundreds of lives. So yes, a prayer or two for the departed souls would be appreciated, to say the least, before we move on to our list of bare essentials for this summer, back in my hometown. As much as I would love to list down Prickly Heat Powder (BIG pack), I’ll pass that, now that I’ve pretty much planted the idea in the back of your head and done you good 😉

And our bare basics this summer in Karachi, when it comes to food, beverages and fashion are:

  • Fresh Mango Icecream at Peshawari: The ultimate man-o-salva of the times. No exaggeration whatsoever. It is just as great as a saffron-struck, milky, mango chunks laiden homemade icecream. I see it as a reward from the super powers for all those times I’ve been a good girl!


  • Shikanjbeen at KOEL: No one in Karachi knew how a minty iced infusion can quench our thirsts like none other until KOEL gifted the city its now widely favorite Shikanjbeen!


  • Fresh Falsa Juice at Dandee: They know their Falsa – black berries as the rest of world would call it. A tall glass of some serious, concentrated falsa juice from Dandee Juice Corner can revitalise you in minutes!


  • Namkeen Dahi Baray at Cool Inn: Since this desi fast-food ticks all my health-conscious check-boxes, and is by far the best namkeen ones Karachi boasts of, it sure is the perfect chilled and light meal – often my early dinner lately. Try, if you haven’t yet.

dahi baray

  • Baggy Salvars: Take a break from your usual ripped jeans more often this summer! Enjoy the kind of comfort second to none and a look that is so dear to us, and is uniquely just ours 🙂  See how the ravishing TV actress and a precious family friend Sanam Chauhdry wears ’em…
  • Kolhapuri Chappal: Not only is this traditional footwear trending big-time, numerous new brands have specially emerged to go all too innovative with their creations – rendering a personality altogether to each design. *Note to self: Must collect some more such pairs!*


  • High Bun: As high as you like, ladies. As far as you don’t end up looking like a teenaged Sikh li’l boy, we’re good.
high bun
One such lazy day at work…
  • Georgetty Boho Tops: I like mine loaded with graphic embroidery in lightest of the Georgette fabric. I team ’em up with our baggy salvars or tie n die denims. So pretty are these tops that they actually trick you into enjoying the scorching sun and heat. No kidding.
boho top
Hi-tea at Mews 🙂
  • Swinging Seventies: Think Zeenat Aman. If you’re a fan of the bootleg and bell-bottom cuts, don’t wait any longer to embrace the ever-green 70s.  Traditionally too, gharara pants make for such an elegant look now a days!


  • Nail Fun: Paint nails in mustard yellow or mint green or powder pink, and go artsy over that. Basically, just have fun!