Blogging is a business, like any other, and numbers are a great way to gauge its success or oncoming demise. Monthly visitors, unique visitors, time spent on the site and pages visited per landing are a few ways to evaluate a website; also, these numbers are crucial for brands and form the basis for them to pick the right one from the plethora of bloggers out there.

Yes, we’d all like traffic that almost crashes our web server and numbers that stun. The more the merrier. And there are a number of ways (like this) to do so – one of them being email marketing. Daily or weekly newsletters, with your best content and social media sharing links, can pump up your traffic volume. You install a plugin for visitors to sign-up for your newsletter, spend considerable time and money to create one, and schedule it. Fantastic! Now comes the million dollar question – how do you know if your efforts were worth it and the email campaign was a success?

One of the most basic parameters is the open and click-through rate. They tell you exactly what percentage of your mailing list opened your email and then how many went on to click on a link from it. Recently, MailChimp published an average of such numbers, and it can serve as a great benchmark for your campaign.

Source: MailChimp – Updated: May 3, 2016

IndustryOpenClickSoft BounceHard BounceAbuseUnsub
Agriculture and Food Services25.12%3.21%0.62%0.48%0.03%0.29%
Architecture and Construction24.97%2.98%1.56%1.17%0.03%0.37%
Arts and Artists27.39%2.89%0.68%0.50%0.03%0.28%
Beauty and Personal Care18.91%2.14%0.43%0.43%0.04%0.33%
Business and Finance21.31%2.76%0.72%0.60%0.02%0.24%
Computers and Electronics21.25%2.32%1.08%0.75%0.03%0.30%
Creative Services/Agency22.59%2.74%1.12%0.92%0.03%0.36%
Daily Deals/E-Coupons14.05%1.86%0.13%0.09%0.01%0.11%
Education and Training21.86%2.73%0.58%0.50%0.02%0.20%
Entertainment and Events21.52%2.37%0.53%0.44%0.03%0.28%
Health and Fitness22.43%2.79%0.47%0.49%0.03%0.38%
Home and Garden24.52%3.75%0.63%0.45%0.04%0.38%
Marketing and Advertising18.22%2.04%0.81%0.66%0.03%0.29%
Media and Publishing22.21%4.64%0.30%0.20%0.01%0.12%
Medical, Dental, and Healthcare22.64%2.49%0.79%0.80%0.04%0.30%
Music and Musicians22.98%2.93%0.62%0.47%0.03%0.30%
Photo and Video26.20%3.82%0.78%0.66%0.03%0.42%
Professional Services20.82%2.61%0.93%0.74%0.03%0.31%
Public Relations20.01%1.66%0.81%0.64%0.02%0.22%
Real Estate21.42%1.97%0.69%0.59%0.04%0.32%
Recruitment and Staffing20.23%2.30%0.56%0.60%0.03%0.31%
Restaurant and Venue22.03%1.39%0.59%0.51%0.03%0.41%
Social Networks and Online Communities21.83%3.46%0.40%0.32%0.02%0.23%
Software and Web App21.43%2.38%1.11%0.89%0.03%0.40%
Travel and Transportation20.58%2.29%0.69%0.51%0.03%0.24%
Vitamin Supplements17.45%1.91%0.38%

This is what makes the digital world so exciting – that you can quantify pretty much anything. Also, you can experiment to augment your numbers, enhance reach and become more desirable for brands.

At the cost of being repetitive, always keep an eye on your numbers. They help you plan objectively and make the right decision.

And now cheers for all the bloggers who work very hard to get their numbers right!