Chez Sushi, a fast-casual Japanese restaurant, has introduced a selection of healthy options to help you get ready for the bikini season. Here’s what the new delectable menu has to offer:

Riceless sushi

Chez Sushi serves riceless sushi prepared using salmon or tuna. Alternatively, you can also opt for sushi made using brown rice.

The ideal snack

Skip the potato chips and snack on Chez Sushi edamame. This super food is an excellent source of protein, iron and calcium and is served with a dressing of soy, ginger, sesame and spices at Chez Sushi.


Enjoy fresh salads such as salmon salad, seaweed salad, calamari salad, seared tuna salad and mixed greens among others.


How about traditional Japanese mochi ice cream? Chez Sushi serves mochi in various flavours including green tea, chocolate, mango, strawberry and vanilla. In addition, it has also introduced the one-of-a-kind wasabi mochi ice cream on the menu. Good to know – one average size mochi ice cream ball contains around 56 calories only.

Chez Sushi is located in Al Wasl Road, Dubai Marina and Arabian Ranches.