18th July 2018

And They Set Ablaze The Subcontinent With Their ‘Come Hither’ Look

Is it just me or someone else out here too could see a stark resemblance in the two of most trending and sizzling beach shoots from the subcontinent by far this year?

Vogue India’s recent one – models being the not-so-new kids on the Bolly block – Alia Bhatt & Sidharth  Malhotra


Pepe Jeans Pakistan’s SS16 (Spring – Summer 2016) campaign starring Ayesha Omar &Sikander Rizvi, vigorously hash-tagged across the social media as ‪#‎GetItOn!

Been a long long time since I last felt the undercurrents as evokably, as etched out in the above two shoots!

Yes I am biased when I say Pepe Jeans’ was all the more hotter. I am a hopeless Sikander Rizvi  as well as an Ayesha Omar fanatic since almost a decade now. The founder of Cherry Cross – Shaheen Nouman, being a close friend for years is witness to that (not so) notorious folder I maintained on my work system, collecting Mr. Rizvi’s pictures day long :p back in 2009. Hmm, while at work. Jeez!

Keeping aside the bias, unlike the neighboring counterparts, our duo is not sporting “beach wear”, are fully dressed and yet…. just just JUST look at their insanely luscious chemistry, and their magnetic appeal  AND that “come hither look” straight in the camera lens, melting us mortal beings by the second!!!

So, yea coming back to the similarities…

  • Same flowy, wavy hair… check
  • Sun kissed, next best to ‘natural’ makeover—check
  • Same dazzling chemistry—check
  • Petite ladies (not the usually tall lot)—check
  • People who’re real life close friends—check
  • Hunk overload—check twice!
  • Steamy to the hilt and yet far FAR from “scandalous”—-CHECK
  • Sandy beach—check ChecK CHECK !


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3 Comments on And They Set Ablaze The Subcontinent With Their ‘Come Hither’ Look

  1. I think we are past ready. We have all seen this and a lot more either in “certain” areas of our city or behind closed doors. However, we do need to keep elegance and class intact, to stay different and ‘Pakistani’ 🙂 Though I think Alia and Sidharth look pretty darn good too *don’t kill me*

  2. There is crazy resemblance between the two. keeping the resemblance aside i saw the campaign and i wondering if we as a nation are ready for such an steamy shoot on our print and digital media. Pakistan has always maintained elegance over sexualized content. Brands like LUX are a good example of creating campaigns that are good, decent, sexy and yet manage to get the message across. Of course, another side to the debate is we are growing as a fashion industry, adopting new ideas, going creative with the ads. All in all, the campaign is a good effort, something new to the eye and the video shoot they released before the campaign was definitely worth the 1 minute watch!

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