Unleash Your Ultimate Radiant Potential

Each of us wish and even work towards achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, lustrous hair, strong and fast growing nails, a youthful flawless skin and a fit, active body overall . On a deeper level, if we’re mindful enough, we would certainly wish to improve our mental and emotional health under which comes better concentration, interpretation and application of opportunities and situations.

My motto of years now being: “Not focused on eating fewer calories, but on giving my body more nourishment.” Being a food snob that is 🙂

On this premise we establish how food is our friend, the only sincere ally in fueling our bodies and systems to function. The better the food we choose, the more efficiently & optimally our body operates and the better we live & look, each day. Food is not our beauty’s enemy. Empty fake food is, stripped off of nutrients, oxidized, sapping our vitality and triggering cravings that can’t be satisfied. So stop eating light. Start eating well.

It’s still not too late to reclaim the joy of eating real food. Commit to a HEALTH-GAIN PLAN and never a WEIGHT-LOSS PLAN. So setting aside all the preconceived notions, rather defamation against eating FATS especially, here goes…

  • Break Free From The Vendetta Against FAT

Knock off all the deadly low fat stuff in your kitchen. Replace it with real good wholesome, natural fats like perishable butters, ghee, all-natural yogurt and the blissful variety of cheese, farm eggs and tropical oils, nuts and seeds; even the unadulterated animal meat from poultry, fish to red meat. Why? Because, the “low-fat” highly processed, depleted, unlimited shelf-life stuff feeds the commercial business model of the industry. Not you. These natural fats on the contrary are incredible nutritional value for their caloric count equipping you with the goodness of Omega 3, 6 and 9 that are quintessential for a healthy heart, supple joints, skin renewal and elasticity among numerous other health benefits.

  • Sugar And White Flour Are Dead Matters That ONLY Feeds Our Aging Cells

Sugar causes insulin resistance. Sugar feeds cancer cells, which thrive on glucose. Sugar can cause varicose veins. This is something that many people may not know. For anyone suffering from varicose veins, it may be worth checking out a site like https://www.abellahealth.com/, in the hopes of finding the right treatment options for the individual. Additionally, sugar feeds candida yeast. Sugar compromises your immune system for hours after you eat it. Sugar wrinkles your skin and ages your entire body. Sugar causes inflammation and fluid retention. Sugar raises your triglyceride levels. Sugar depletes nutrients in the body, such as chromium, which keeps you lean and stabilizes your blood sugar. I think you get it now. White flour is readily converted to sugar in the body. Many people who claim they don’t have a sweet tooth satisfy their sugar addiction with white flour based breads and pastas which cause the same devastation as sugar.

  • Make The Maximum of the CARBS You Choose

Now that we have sworn on giving up on sugar and white flour (or have we?) we look into the kind of fiber rich and even part protein of some great carbohydrate rich edibles you can introduce to your system or upgrade to. Stock on to all sorts of seasonal fruits and veggies, sugar-free dark chocolate, coconut powder or even better being the King coconut, sugar-free, all natural muesli, flax seed flour or millet flour for your rotis & wraps and super multigrain breads (with zero hint of white flour added please). As for your fear of white rice, come on – what steamed white rice eating race in the world isn’t sexy for its slim waistlines- think Japanese & Indians! So just hush up, and eat it a few times a week to your heart’s delight. Be best friends with a wide variety of filling and yum legumes & lentils!

  • Drink Yourself to Beauty & Serenity

Literally every beauty factor – skin, hair, bones, weight, breast health and overall vitality is dramatically affected by the beverages we consume every day. Luckily, our drink habits are easy to tweak for astounding, immediate and cumulative beauty rewards. Your face may respond to a well-chosen upgrade with reduced puffiness and under-eye circles as soon as the next morning. So if you are currently a slave to that mochalattechoccino, you may enjoy clearer, smoother skin in as little as two weeks simply by replacing it with truly hydrating brews in comparison to your dehydrating coffee fixes. Think (and consume in loads) the exotic fruit infusions, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, moringa tea, herbal teas such as the mint, chamomile and jasmine, lemon-grass, cinnamon and cardamom based concoctions. Also, upgrade your usual intake of water to the detox water – half a cucumber, 1 whole lemon diced, some shreds of ginger and mint leaves thrown in and refrigerated in a liter bottle of water overnight to be had day long the next day and be refilled as per one’s level of thirst.

  • Don’t Delay Making SUPPLEMENTS Your Staple Beauty Ritual

Don’t risk your radiance by waiting this one out any further! Consider starting with a quality full-spectrum multivitamin + mineral regimen and Omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish oil, as well as a good blood sugar stabilizing formula in order to avoid blood sugar spikes (the core culprit of all illnesses). This regimen is a great antidote to years of food assaults and nutrient depletion. With no more discipline it takes to brush your teeth, you can start to experience the physical and cellular vitality you were always meant to enjoy. The benefits of quality supplementation, I assure you, are well worth it. Many people, including myself have experienced the best of their health & looks at age 30 and above, thanks to the miracle of nature in these therapeutic doses. Some people like to make their own supplements from home by filling vegetarian capsules 00 with various remedies and herbal concoctions.

Feel your hunger and thirst being satiated and well attended to. Give up the false security of numbers. View each meal as a therapy for both your senses and your body on a cellular level! Starting to unleash your ultimate radiant potential NOW!

Disclaimer: Not everything I may have shared would be a revelation to you. At the same time, few points may’ve come as a pleasant surprise – the opposite of which you may have believed or practiced until now. And first things first, I am no certified nutritionist here; just someone who has been passionate about improving the quality of her health & wellbeing and life as a result.

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