My mother tried really hard to drum it into my head that the route to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Cooking elaborate, delicious meals maketh a loyal man, she said.

Now I can suggest a number of creative and entertaining ways to make sure that your man stays happy and dedicated, and do not include stove slavery, but I don’t think my mother’s gentle sensibilities would appreciate such brazen possibilities.

But I have figured out another route to a man’s heart (your daughter is a genius mom!) that does not require you to step in a kitchen AND meets your mom’s approval.


Massage! Yes, good ol’ rub done the way your man likes can be way more rewarding than you would expect. Stress, long hours in front of computer, active lifestyle and other such reasons give your man knotted, sore muscles. Many a times, he might not even know they exist until your fingers work their magic. From my personal experience, massages work wonders and a man truly appreciates the effort.

But it’s not essentially a walk in the park girlfriend. Your man has muscles stronger than you, and to relax them, you would need to put in a lot of pressure. I have yet to find a massager that does the deed, but I find the job relatively with massage oil. We love BodyShop’s Spa of the World Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil – it has relaxing fragrance and absorbs well while nourishing your skin.

Massage guide 101: Have him lie on his back, ideally butt naked. Turn down the lights, hide his phone and play soft music if you can. Start with shoulders – those babies need most work. Use your thumbs to press down stubborn knots, and placate with the heel of your palm. If you feel like your thumbs are about to fall off, use elbows. They work too.

After thorough shoulder loving (don’t forget neck and spare a little love to head as well), make your way down. Don’t skip any part. These men have nerve endings at the most peculiar places. Waist, bum, thighs, calves and feet.

For a platonic sweet ending (though it doesn’t need to be, but he’d be so relaxed that you might have to do all the work to get it up and running), massage his palms with body butter or moisturiser. I find oil a little runny for palms, but you can use that as well. Press your thumbs gently around the edges and make circles. I find them to be most relaxing.

New world order – massages!

What do you think – are you going to try it? And men, do you really find a massage as satisfying as a serving of fingerlickin’ biryani?