“We need to talk” is something both men and women in a relationship dread. It either means you did something wrong and are now going to face the music, or a fight is on the horizon and there is no escape.

An alternate could be to avoid the situation and let the dust settle on its own. I wonder which one is a smaller devil, and experts have spoken up to make that choice easier for us.

In an article recently published in Cosmopolitan UK, researchers from Center for Conflict Dynamics at Eckerd College confirmed that it is super common for couple to put off tough conversations. However, not facing your problems soon enough can put you in a situation of too little, too late. “By the time many couples make their first therapy appointment—an unpublished study reported that the average couple waits six years from the onset of problems to seek help—the toxic dynamics have been in place for so long that it’s harder to undo the damage,” said Carrie Cole, a couples therapist and certified Gottman master trainer at the Center for Relationship Wellness in Houston, to Cosmo.

It will not be a fun ride. But when relationships forgo communication, they are most likely heading for a sad demise. Silence is precious, but it can be fatal when there are obvious issues to be discussed. Couples need to remember that issues do not resolve themselves. They need work and courage. And turning your back to them usually makes the walk out of the door a lot more easier than the steps you need to take to be back in each other’s embrace.

Talk, for it doesn’t cost much. And can be your love’s saviour.

Image Courtesy: justXiao