I discovered Wax in the City through Google Search. I liked the name, it offered services that I was looking for, and appeared to be an expat-friendly salon.

Located in Friesenwall, it is surrounded by many F&B outlets, and you can’t miss it if you are following Google Maps. I didn’t drive to it, as parking looked a tad bit dodgy. It is a buzzing neighbourhood, and you know what that means, right? Parking nightmares.

I called in a day before to get an appointment. I was politely informed that they do not confirm appointments on phone and only serve walk-ins. I assumed that I would have to wait to be served. Dang!

But I was mistaken. I was received in five minutes of arrival. Who could have guessed?

It’s a contemporary salon, with bright interiors and polite staff. Walled cubicles ensure absolute privacy. My wax-er for the day was Rebecca, a sweet German girl who had lived in London for a while and spoke flawless English. What a relief!

She gave me a moment to change and went to get her supplies. When she got to work, I was surprised to find out that instead of using strips, she applied wax with a spatula and removed it with her fingers! I know a lot of salons use this technique for sensitive areas, like face and bikini, but for every part? Nice.

I was there for two hours, and here’s a low down of what I liked and what I wished was different:


  • I have a very low threshold of pain, and bruise easily. This particular technique hurt considerably less than the traditional strip method.
  • I can walk in and out anonymously. Privacy is on point.
  • While the receptionist didn’t bend all ways to make me feel comfortable, Rebecca made up for it wonderfully. She talked to distract me when I winced, and was extremely nice.
  • They had Aloe Vera spray handy for clients who turn red and are prone to breakout post waxing. Brownie points for being prepared, thoughtful and organic.


  •  I went in with 6 weeks of growth. And yet, walked out with a lot broken hair – which eventually resulted in faster regrowth and in-grown hair. While I might not know the technicalities, I assume it is due to the lack of pressure. I also discovered a few completely undone patches later on.
  • I found Wax in the City comparatively expensive. For arms, underarms and face wax, I paid almost EUR100. I found it a little surprising that every part is billed separately. For example, fingers are charged on top of arms, even if you opt for full arms to be waxed.

I liked the salon, but the quality of services and following bill left a lot to be desired for.

Rating 3.5/5

Have you been to Wax In The City? If yes, please do share your reviews in the comment box below Xx