I open my eyes and let the sunshine blind me. It’s midday, and clouds and sun are playing hide and seek outside my window. It’s cloudy for a minute and then suddenly, sun takes over, casting a golden glow. I close my eyes again. A nagging voice inside my head says that I should get up and take care of that long to-do list. “Your dreams are not going to realise themselves you know,” it taunts.

Instead, I bury myself under the quilt some more.

What for, I silently whisper. I am afraid to open my eyes for I fear those stubborn tears won’t stay locked in for too long. I try to reason with the devil – I have a good life. I just need to be a little flexible and walk away from closed doors. Change, it seems, is the demon. I am fighting tooth and nail, but boy he is one mighty monster.

I turn to the other side, and look at the door. It’s closed. It’s shut to the world outside – to people, to work, to ambitions, to laughter, to feelings and to the will to go on. It’s an endless journey, to a destination unknown. And I want to go on, and achieve all that I aspired for at one point in time.

What for, I whisper again.

There is silence at the other end. No answers. Just cold, biting silence. It’s deafening.

I close my eyes, and send a prayer above. Please quieten the voices in my head. Please set me free.

– The End –

Image: Pinterest