It’s cars we are talking about. I might not understand the dynamics and technical aspects of how a car functions, but I love driving nonetheless. It is my way of relaxing, and Dubai roads are a treat after midnight. I used to drive an automatic car back then, and absolutely loved it. Prior to that, I drove manual in Karachi and now in Cologne as well. Do you want to know a dirty little secret? N taught me to drive. It was a major part of the woo-ing process. He taught me when we were just friends – it was a soft spot for my folks, and they wouldn’t allow me take classes for they feared that their already wild child would go berserk. Little did they know… Amm, sorry mom. I know you read my blog sometimes. I wasn’t up to anything else. Honest. Anyway. I understand that men prefer manual cars for it allows more control over a vehicle, involved driving experience and other options that automatic can’t handle; however, women aren’t fond of all that extra legwork (in heels), usually prefer ease and therefore opt for automatic cars, or so says Cosmo. Cosmopolitan’s recent study revealed that women consider the following five features when buying a car:

  1. Trunk and storage space
  2. All wheel drive
  3. Adaptive cruise control
  4. Automatic braking
  5. Smartphone app integration

That’s what Cosmo said – space, comfort and automated functions are the keywords here. when-a-girl-drives-manual When I look for new cars on places similar to Intelligent Car Leasing, I’m definitely someone that will be looking at the automatic cars before the manual ones. Before I proceed to reveal why I prefer automatic cars, let me tell you what’s a manual car and how it differs from an automatic one – high-five if you already know. This isn’t a technical definition; this is how I differentiate one from the other. Manual uses a stick shift to manage speed, whereas automatic takes care of the pace on its own. Also, you don’t use clutch when driving an automatic (or maybe you do a little bit – actually, I don’t remember if automatic even has a clutch. Sorry). I am sure there are a lot more differences, but that’s how I see it. And here’s why I prefer automatic cars over manual vehicles:

  1. All that legwork in heels? No thank you. When you are driving an automatic, it’s very similar to driving in an auto-pilot mode. You only need to concentrate on when you accelerate, slow down and break. Your right leg is the only involved limb. Also, contained involvement means your heels won’t pose a problem. It’s easy and convenient.
  2. Leave the left leg alone. As clutch doesn’t demand your attention like a clingy girlfriend, your left leg (if it’s a left hand drive) can enjoy a lazytime. You can even drive with your leftie folded under you (not recommended though).
  3. Romance isn’t an option. Yea, you can’t hold hands or indulge in any sort of hanky panky. If the constant clutch-break-race struggle doesn’t keep you focused, then that protruding stick shift will kill romance at every possible opportunity. But don’t let that rain on your parade – get creative and you can still get plenty of action, with or without gear.
  4. Shut down is a real struggle. If I got a dollar for every time someone shot me a nasty glance at the traffic light because It took ten seconds to get on my way, I’d be a very rich girl. Blame it on the lack of formal training, switching from stationary to motion generally ends in… nothing. I have to turn on the ignition again and start afresh. People who have only driven automatic cars wouldn’t know this problem even exists.
  5. Get, set, go. Oh, hold on – are you driving a manual? Then it’d be more like ready, set, go slowly, push down the pedal, press clutch and change the gear, push down the pedal some more, and you are almost ready to go. The time it takes to accelerate is another reason why I prefer automatic vehicles.

At the end of the day, a car takes you from point A to B, so your choice of vehicle would only influence the kind of journey you want. As long as you’ve got enough gas and some cheap auto insurance in PA, it doesn’t particularly matter what car you’re driving. If you are looking for comfort and ease, an automatic car would be your best bet. If you want a more involved experience, and want increased control over wheels and engine, opt for a manual vehicle. In the end if you get a European car you may want to go to a European auto service in Dallas if any repairs are needed, you want your car to be looked at by certified professionals. When you’re buying a car, it’s important to find some insurance quotes before you put a deposit down. No one wants to pay a large amount for insurance and it could be a deciding factor for which car you get. Insurance prices vary a huge amount, for example, illinois insurance might be cheaper than insurance in another state. Do your research and try and find a cheap quote. Let’s hear what other fantabulous girls I know have to say about their respective choices: 0de93701a032d501e8cccc681e32f192 “I like automatic… But if I want to race, then definitely manual.” Sidra Surmed “Well, I’m French and for us manual is the way to go! You have a lot more control over your car and the way you work that engine! You can drive under or over regime, depending on your style. I am more of an ‘over-regime’ girl so like to push my gears before shifting just to get that engine roaring. You can’t quite do the same on an automatic… the shifting is faster manually as you don’t have to wait for the car to do it.” Carine Duvignaud “Mostly automatic, because of the ease. Manual, only in rare cases when you want to control the power of the car.” Tahira Hasan-Faisal “Manual transmission has better fuel mileage, cheaper to buy, and is good for racing. Auto transmission is easy and less tiring, acceleration is quicker, is more practical, especially for Dubai’s traffic.” Emma Kaiser “Manual – more control and good skill to have in general.” Ruhee Rajan “I haven’t used manual car ever besides fifteen days of training, so I prefer automatic. However, manual cars are better in terms of life, speed and control.” Shaliza Ali “Anybody can operate an automatic vehicle (at least here in the US); it takes skill to drive a manual car – apart from the fact that it is a lot more fun!” Maheen Zaidi “Auto for everyday, run of the mill errand running but definitely a manual when a gal needs to feel like she is back in charge and really driving! Can’t beat a manual for driving pleasure!” Havovie Bomanji “Manual is better for me. More control and more power. Automatic is easier specially in places like UK and Jamaica where they drive on the “wrong” side of the road.” Araceli Gallego Let’s hear what do you drive and why in the comment box below Xx