It’s a year since Alessandro Michele stepped in as the creative director of Gucci, successfully managing to pull off a fashion comeback for the brand. His vision was radically different from his predecessor, and has been obvious in the three collections we have seen from him so far.

Michele’s trademarks are joyous blasts of colour and utterly eccentric juxtapositions, punctuated by a bone-plain black trouser suit, or a deliciously, straightforwardly ravishing red carpet dress. He has put creativity back at the centre of its growth, and a weird kind of seedy sexiness reverberated through the collection,

The show was inspired by vibrantly ordered disorder, which Michele explained was “rhizomatic” — made up of unpredictable connections, like a tangle of roots.


There were green-sequined dresses, feathered skirts, and ruffles cascading from gowns in pink and turquoise. Sequin snakes traced up long silky gowns and one sheer black frock. It also featured structured trench coats, brocade military jackets with sleeves fringed in fur, and a chunky pearl-embellished sweater.

The most talked about were luxe coats in yellow and ballerina-pink fur, and colorful leather handbags created in collaboration with a renowned graffiti artist.


Models wore their hair flat or slightly waved with minimal makeup for a naturalist look that focused solely on the clothes. Their faces were obscured by large-framed mod glasses and veils. Earrings were statement-size, and there are a myriad ways to wear those delicious chain handled, canary yellow (or damson, or gold, or stripy) bags and platform sandals.

All images courtesy Vogue.