Holier than thou. Keyboard jihadis. Moral police. Pseudo philanthropists. Lying love-addicts. Unfortunately, I have had the misfortune of knowing at least one person in the above listed categories.

Advent of social media has truly twisted the real life. Truth is now what you are made to believe. Preaching is the new norm. Long time ago, my best friend and I were in a middle of a nasty row. She said that I don’t care anymore for I have the perfect life – I have friends, a job that I love, husband who dotes on me and a life that I had always envisioned for myself. I didn’t know whether to laugh out loud or cry. I was going through a really tough time, and everything that was dear to me was falling apart. Every single day was a struggle, to merely survive, and this woman thought I was having a ball? Her explanation – ‘Your Facebook says so!’ And then, I laughed.

I insist of sharing only happy times on social media, but that does not mean I don’t have problems or rough days. I smile for a selfie, even if I had cried my eyes out over something trivial or life-altering the night before. This is because I do not feel like there is a market for my sorrows and troubles. They are mine, just mine, to deal with and conquer. This could be the wrong way to go, but it’s my way and I am comfortable with it.

However, what irks me is the hypocrisy. When you call yourself a saint on Facebook, but have a dead body in the trunk of your pickup. When you preach humility on Twitter but are a royal class snob. When you claim to be a loyal friend on Instagram but care only for your cause and are committed until it serves your purpose. When you make public displays of affection on SnapChat, only to cuddle with another after the sun sets. When virtue is your public chant on Google+ and vices your private best friend. 

Stop it. Just stop.

People, including you and I, sometimes forget that real and virtual lives co-exist. You will know that I turned a blind eye to a shivering child begging for food on the street, and can call my bluff when I share images of sick children, manipulated by Photoshop. I cannot be these two people at the same time. Nor can you. Or maybe this is a really bad example, but you get the drift right? You can’t be a heartless man and a humanitarian at the same time. One of them is a lie. You can’t make false promises and then preach the value of honesty.

Some people are evil, and you will know because they won’t spare your heart or feelings. Time and again. And sometimes, I almost pen down the bubbling venom but hit delete before I crack open the hornet’s nest. Sometimes, it serves no purpose to call someone’s bluff.

But boy, it is enticing… to do it just once. To snatch away that mask and let them face themselves. Public embarrassment and humiliation is not the objective; the idea is to shake them, and let them see who they really are (or have become). Make them pick sides and stick to it.

But darling, I am no moral police, so I won’t judge or tell you otherwise. Go ahead, indulge in your vices, do whatever makes you happy, but try not to hurt anyone en route.

Cheers Xx

(P.S. I have no one to hide my laptop and stop this roll downhill, so I will volunteer. And not write for another 24 hours. A wise man once said to look away when the truth gets too close to the surface, lest someone actually sees what’s inside. Yes, that wise (wo)man is yours truly. Ciao!)