Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Yup, today you can paint the town red and be shamelessly cheesy. Roses to chocolates to teddy bears, everything works today. This is the day to profess, and make claims on the one you love. If you are beyond the chasing phase, it is then time to free your schedule for a candlelight dinner, expensive gifts and telling your beloved all the reasons that make them the one for you.

However, it sounds a little unfair to sing sonnets without any mention of heartbreak and pain that love often brings along. Also, it might be a good idea to remind ourselves that we love differently at different stages of our lives, which will in turn make it easier to understand and handle your emotions.

I recently read this beautifully written piece by Carrisa Tham, which puts across my thoughts about love with uncanny precious. So here it goes, words of Ms. Tham,  which I wholehearted agree with:

“First love presents itself as stomach-turning butterflies, a palpitating heart and infinite nervousness. When he is near, you find yourself unable to think straight; when he kisses your cheek for the first time it feels as though you’ve just won an Olympic gold medal for your country. You’re proud and ecstatic and have no fear. You don’t know what’s coming next except that the world feels as if it doesn’t exist when you’re in his arms. When his lips touch yours you feel as though your legs can no longer take the weight of your happiness. You don’t think about the future because what could possibly go wrong? You are here and he is with you and everything feels so right.

But then all of a sudden everything is torn away from you when you least expect it. He leaves as quickly as he entered, leaving a storm of dust behind in his wake, and the ashes of the future that you never spared much thought to anyway. You are down on your knees, trying to gather the ashes but you fail; the tears streaming down your face are clouding your eyes. He left you with no map, no road signs to navigate the aftermath of his departure, and his absence has left you more lost than you have ever been before. So this is what it feels like to your heart broken for the first time. People try to make you feel better. They tell you it gets better with time but maybe you don’t want it to get better. You never want to forget the best moments of your life.

Time goes on …..

Of course, love will find you again. This time, the butterflies are present but they are different. He doesn’t sweep you off your feet, you aren’t a nervous wreck when you see him from across the street. Instead, he brings you peace. When you are with him you feel as calm as you’ve never felt before. Like everything is falling into place but you don’t even have to try. You are no longer leaning on him for direction, you are directing this together. You are no longer throwing yourself at him, begging for him to fix you. You have your sharp edges, just as he does. You have your flaws, just as he has his. But you’re in this together. You’re both finding yourself through each other. You’re helping each other on this great journey and it’s always an adventure together. You wonder if this is what love is supposed to feel like. You no longer love wrecklessly, but purposefully.

Love, for it is all that matters Xx