It’s still chilly in my part of the world. The new part that is – Köln. This week has been comparatively better, with temperatures bordering eight to nine degrees, and I went out without a thermal today. Okay, enough of weather reporting and random information.

I am still adapting to the drastic weather change, and working out ways to layer up, with what little items of clothing I have managed to unpack. One day, hopefully soon, I will have un-tape those big brown boxes and have a decent closet. Until then, I shall continue stealing Mr. N’s jackets and drown under their weight and warmth. I had no ideas jackets can weigh that much, to be honest.

And shop – not having a full-blown closet is the perfect excuse to shop, and the reason I started the search for that one piece of clothing that I should invest in; that one piece I can style time and again, season after season, year after year.

After endless research and sifting through expert advice, here’s the one piece of clothing that you and I need to invest in, and have in our respective closets pronto.

Image courtesy: H Nicholas Illustration
Image courtesy: H Nicholas Illustration

Camel Coat.

It’s one piece of clothing that I have seen on the runways and red carpets for as long as I can remember. I spotted it, paired with Amaranth Pink and Persian Green, on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin as well, and it will certainly make an appearance in the ongoing Paris Fashion Week as well.

It works best for an off-duty model look, skimming around your knees with sleeves long enough to keep you warm or bunched up for an edgy look. The neutral colour palette makes it super easy to pair, and dress up or down according to the occasion.

I have rounded some inspiration to bid farewell to last few days of winter in an effortless, chic style.