2016 started with a lot more noise than your average new year. I had to let go of the city I had come to call home, and love; say adios to friends and work place I had finally come to enjoy. I followed love and boarded a plane to Germany, all the way from Dubai – and here I am!

So… hallo!

I dreaded this move for many reasons; Firstly, living in a cold place was my worst nightmare for I believed it’d trigger my already way-too-frequent flu episodes all the more. Secondly, I don’t speak the language and from what I had gathered during my last visit, I’d need to speak the language if I ever hope to have human conversations. Third, the nightlife here is dominated by alcohol (assumption) and being on the other side of the fence, I can’t fathom how will I gel in and not stand out like a sore thumb. Lastly, Dubai was so close and similar to home, it truly felt like home. From language, food, customs, weather and people, it was comfortable.

But sometimes, you have got to make that leap of faith, follow love and just do it. So, I did, hoping Koln would be as loving and accepting as Dubai was. I have got my fingers crossed, Kolners.

Also, I’d need to hustle to develop a network to support my blog. I am keeping an eye out for what’s happening in the city (which isn’t much), and extending the monitoring to cover the country. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin has just kicked off – too late for me to make the trip and cover the event, but now I know what to look out for. Also, there is a market set up by PS Bloggers on Jan 30 2016, which I hope to attend and find some English speaking peeps for myself to befriend.

Well, that’s it for now. I shall keep you posted on any and all updates, and if you have any suggestions or reside in the city and want to meet up for coffee, I will be happy to oblige.

Until next time Xx

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