Over the weekend, I was invited for an old friend’s birthday party. When his wife told me about the venue, I was a little surprised. I had heard of Nathalie’s café, in fact I announced its opening on Cherry Cross as well, but it never occurred to me that it can be used as a party venue as well. Moreover, I had never been to Dubai Sports City, so it was even more difficult for me to picture a healthy food joint as a place for a fun get together.

Using my good ol’ GPS, I arrived at the venue. Despite my limited navigational capacity, I made it in time, without getting lost or missing exits. It was a proud moment indeed. If you are heading that was from Al Khail Road, driving from Al Quoz, you might see some barren land and odd trucks parked en route. Don’t worry – you are going in the right direction.

The café is located within Fit Republique, and the glass walls allow you to look over the gym and a cute little, colourful (pseudo) library. The venue can house approximately 30 people, And they had set up a long table for this particular affair. White, iridescent lamps hung down from the ceiling and the host had added white balloons with pictures of the couple at the end of the strings. It lend a celebratory vibe, with happy moments smiling in your face.

The table setup possibly impressed me the most. Despite being a health-centric café, staff at Nathalie’s had arranged for all kinds of decadent sweet and savoury delights. From chicken and quinoa salad to toasted wraps, cheese oozing subs and delicious desserts. The host had added her signature quirkiness with carefully placed placards, designer marshmallows, candy buckets and funny notes.


I really enjoyed myself, for the venue was amazing and the company was delightful.

So if you are a planning a party and live in or around Dubai Sports City, I highly recommend Nathalie’s Cafe. It’s a cosy venue, great food, decent service and lots of backdrop options for pictures 😉

Happy Birthday Mr. T! Xx

P.S. The hostess is an uber talented fashion designer as well, and you can checkout her collection here: www.facebook.com/maryamtaha