Karachi Chronicles – The Arrival

Its home, so no length of time is ever enough. Especially if it’s only a measly week, with two homes to equally love plus a nephew I was to meet for the first time. It was an important trip as I had to finalise many important matters – I had an agenda.

I arrived in the wee hours of the night. The airport was extremely quiet and no flights had arrived for the last hour or so. Sleepy officers yawned, and the lethargy was palpable. I wore a total of 10 pieces of clothing yet earned some ludicrous stares from middle-aged men within seven minutes of landing. I had arrived!

An elderly man helped me get my bags and assumed I’d be fooled into paying him ridiculous amounts of money. Dad suggested Rs.200, I felt generous and went for Rs.300 and he demanded another Rs.200. This was my first encounter to what I will now call price shock.

Streets were dark and isolated, with a motor bike whizzing by now and then. We reached home safe and sound, though the excessive litter didn’t escape my notice. Why can’t we just drop it in the bin, I murmured. My mom rolled her eyes. I zipped it.

I was extremely excited to meet my nephew, and I couldn’t believe that he was awake when I arrived. He is a little man of 8 months, with angelic eyes and smile that would break hearts a few years down the road. He instantly liked me and I have become his favourite. FYI – children and I don’t get along too well. I don’t have the required patience and tolerance for faeces and they don’t adore my off-handed demeanour. This little man was making history without knowing it. Didn’t I tell you he was a rock star? *so proud*

My parents have recently renovated the house, bringing many of my mom’s fantasies to life. She wanted a massive kitchen, so one of the adjoining rooms is now used as an extension to the kitchen. This leaves us with two bedrooms only, one of which was to be shared by three and a half persons. Fun times!

I was too tired to care, and crashed. The fact that my little one had gone through the trouble to make sure I was comfortable helped tremendously. It was seven in the morning when I finally dozed off to lala-land…come hither sweet dreams.

Heart-warming giggles forcefully pulled me out of my slumber, barely four hours later. Our little man was up and about, fed, and excited to wake everyone up. Despite the grogginess, I couldn’t be mad at him. No one could manage that feat… his smile wouldn’t allow for anything nasty.

Mom served hot tea, omelette and bread for breakfast. Oh how I had missed home cooked meals. FYI – I am an average, unwilling cook. A moment of silence for Mr N please.

I was then shuttled to my second house, where my in-laws awaited…with smiles, love and lots of food.

I dragged my bags inside, in the most unladylike manner and prepared myself for some serious pampering. FYI my mother-in-law is a godsend. She’s what in-law dreams are made of. She treats me like her own and we can talk about almost everything.

I had some more food, chatted about all kinds of important and random things. Effects of sleepless night started to take its toll, and I walked to the bed with heavy feet.

To be continued…

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