It’s that time of the year when Dubai is taken over by Fashion – it started with Fashion Forward at Madinat Jumeirah that saw regional big guns go all out to woo the audience. There was so much drama (along with fashion of course) on the runway that even the most discerning fashion critique couldn’t peal their gaze away from the catwalk. In addition, there were industry talks that confirm that the fashion industry in the region is far from superfluous; there is certainly a lot of substance and intelligence in those dazzling ateliers, behind focused lens and between ears of the person who holds the pen to voice his/her opinion.


Fashion forward was followed by Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience – another yearly event that has the legendary Vogue collaborate with The Dubai Mall (and it’s many many tenants). I had prior commitments and therefore couldn’t attend as many events as I would have liked (including Christian Louboutin’s talk). But I did go down one evening for the launch of Tory Burch’s fall collection launch and an urban party at Level Shoe District. It was worth it, despite the venue being The Dubai Mall.


And then came the Arab Fashion Week, another regional initiative to promote local talent and provide a platform for international buys and Middle Eastern Fashion Designers to come together. It goes on until November 2nd 2015 at Park Hyatt if you would like to get some fashion action for yourself.

So this weekend was all about fashion, design, style and conversation. But it doesn’t end just yet – I start the next week by launching Teresita’s Orillac’s Cruise Collection at El Sur – Westin Dubai at 7:00PM. If you’d like to come down, party some and check out the fashion showcase, RSVP at

Cheers and see you guys tomorrow!