Surely you know Lush Cosmetics, right? The brand that makes fresh handmade cosmetics? Thought so!

So the same guys have launched their Christmas Collection for 2015, which coincides with the brand’s 20th anniversary, and yours truly previewed at a private event held at Art Sawa Gallery. You know it’s Lush even before you enter the venue, as the fragrance greets you a mile before a human comes in sight . It’s therapeutic, warm, relaxing and refreshing, all at the same time.

To showcase the collection, Lush took us through its 20 years journey, reminding us of its ethos and beliefs, and making sure we have fun all along the learning process. From making our own bath bomb to kissing the wall of cruelty-free kisses and hand impressions to save orangutans, I learned so much about the brand we love, got a  big box of goodies (which I will share with you in an upcoming competition), and met fellow bloggers and journalists, which is always a delight.

Now about the festive collection…

The Experimenter
The Experimenter

Many of our old favourites have returned, accompanied by a few new fantastic additions. The yummy box I received had a few bath bombs, of which I am crazy about The Experimenter for its heady mix of fragrances and vibrant colours, and Fizzbanger for it’s refreshing citrus scent and the fizzy dream. I am also excited to try the Baked Alaska Soap, which has bright, fluorescent orbs with uplifting lemon myrtle and tangy grapefruit. It is sweet, heady and floral.

Beautiful Shower Gel and Yuzu & Cocoa Shower Cream – Cherry Cross

You will be delighted to try the Beautiful Shower Gel, which brings together childhood memories with subtle youthful sexiness. It is mesmerising to say the least. And if you top it with Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream, the pleasure will know no bounds. For you and others alike.

First Snow - Sparkling Dusting Power. Image Courtesy: The Geek in Disguise
First Snow – Sparkling Dusting Power. Image Courtesy: The Geek in Disguise

Did you know that Lush has a sparkling dusting powder called First Snow? I certainly had no idea! And I feel like I have lost so many years without the sparkle that was rightfully mine. The delicately perfumed powder is rich in essential oils, and when you wear it, your skin looks like it has been kissed by twinkling snowflakes.

Santa's Lip Scrub - Photo courtesy A Beauty and the Business
Santa’s Lip Scrub – Photo courtesy: A Beauty and the Business

And now is the time for a secret: I ate one of the products. You don’t get to judge me if you haven’t tried Lush Santa’s Lip Scrub missy. It is a moisturising cola-flavoured lip scrub, made of caster sugar, dates and cherries. Dab a little on and buff, licking off the excess. It’s perfectly safe.

And now the good news – there are more fabulous products in the box, which can be yours! Subscribe to Cherry Cross to find out how can you get your hands on it pronto. Cheers!