Inspiration, Aspiration and You

When we are young, we have it all figured out. We know what we want, we have an imaginary plan and everything is meant to work out just like that. As we grow older, our paths cross with different people and that interaction changes the course of our journey. We go through experiences that define us, and not exactly in a way that we have thought of. Aspiring surgeons become poets and business graduates become journalist. Life goes on.

But some of us still struggle to figure out what exactly do we want, and flow as the wind blows (no pun intended). I don’t exactly know what could be the reason; maybe it is easier than fighting against the storm, or we just assume that the grass will be greener on the other side. Maybe the bad boy will be a good choice for me, and maybe the good boy won’t be as dull as doing laundry. We reason, and convince ourselves to embrace our decisions. Right or wrong, we make our bed and have to lie in it.

So I wonder, would we want it to be any other way, even if it meant no heartache? Would I want to live in a predefined manner, where everything is labeled as right or wrong, and surprise is just a word in the dictionary. It might be a safer world, a stable life, but what is living if it doesn’t include a bit of a fall here and there, and some misjudged consequences. As long as no one gets hurts, except you.

Live is all about pursuing what you want, and living in the moment. It might be so wrong tomorrow, but if it feels right today, go for it.

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