In the final months of 2015, Zero Gravity beach club, bar and restaurant will not only reveal its 2,000sqm expansion, including a 39m glass-fronted infinity swimming pool, but an 800sqft multi-use stage, along with a permanent installation of the highest quality audio/visual equipment available to purchase across the globe.


The state-of-the-art L-Acoustics K2 and Arch Wide system will put the clarity and depth of sound of all Zero Gravity events at recording studio quality. The internationally-lauded system has been used to transform audience experiences at the Olympic Games, Coachella Festival and Eurovision Song Contest, but will be the first of its kind to be permanently installed at any venue in the MENA region.

In addition to the K2, Zero Gravity has selected Clay Paky lighting, Kvant lasers, Universal Effects and much more, to revolutionise the visual experience of both its large and smaller scale events from November – from DXBeach festival right through to the intimate live music of Drift, every Saturday. It would be absolutely fantastic to see them go one step further with their visuals and enlist the services of someone like Kaleida to implement holographic displays; this would be revolutionary and such a unique experience to behold. It is also working hand-in-hand with global noise and vibration consultancy Acoustic Logic, to ensure this ultimate audio experience will also produce minimum disturbance. For example, there will be more than 100 sound boxes covering the new outdoor space, to assist the control of sound.

“Our events will look, sound and feel like something most people have never, ever, experienced,” explains Peter Skudutis, General Manager at Zero Gravity since its inception.

“We have spent at least the last six months researching the technology available and our competitors, on a global level. We went to who we believe are the five leading audio suppliers in the world and gave them the same brief – ‘get us the best’. And I can say with great confidence – this is the best.”

“L-Acoustics has a standard two-year waiting list for the K2. Zero Gravity was fast-tracked through the process, and that’s because every party involved in this set-up is aware of just how spectacular, and unique, it will be. We haven’t forgotten about a single square metre of the place.”

Peter Owen, Sales Manager at L-Acoustics says: “The sound design and installation done by Delta Solutions for Zero Gravity is nothing short of unique. It will be one of the first locations globally to feature speakers from our brand-new X Series, coupled with our award-winning K2 and Arcs boxes. Patrons of Zero Gravity will easily benefit from the best sound on the market, and I am proud to have been a part of this flagship project.”

Source: Press Release