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So you’ve found your ideal home, probably with Eddie Yan as many do, and you’re busy packing up your home ready for the move. Whether you are moving houses or moving out of the country, there will always be a truckload of items that you just can’t take with you, for any number of reasons. And you will pull your hair out wondering what to do. Read on to find out what you can do with those items, while doing good for the community as well.

In my case, I had found my ideal place after checking out Apartment Guide and was moving into a furnished apartment. This meant that I had to sell all of my furniture that I had painstakingly curated over the last two years. From bedroom set to refrigerator and washing machine, it was one long process. However, it did mean I could use different transportation companies, many freight trucking companies offer something called a “Less than Truckload” service (the name should speak for itself) such as CSA Transportation as an example, these short or long distance freights are perfect for hauling small home items to your new address.

TIP: If you are looking to sell your furniture, look no further than Dubizzle. At least I didn’t, and I did manage to sell all that I had planned on selling. High five!

Anyway. But that wasn’t the difficult part. Selling furniture in Dubai is relatively easy for this city sees many come in and go every day. Those coming in are looking to set up homes, but as it is a new place, they might not be ready to invest in brand new furniture. They will happily take moderately used, well-loved furniture off your hands. Also, you usually end up selling it at 50% or lower of what you paid for it. It really is a win-win situation, of sorts.

Now comes the loved, but neither needed nor sellable items.

Examples would be plastic chairs and table, shoe rack, old shoes and clothes, many gifts that you had received but just don’t know what to do with, etcetera. If I am honest, maybe I could have sold some of those items but the petty amount I would have received in return didn’t make it worth the hassle.

So what do you do?

Call 800-JUNK (5865)
Call 800-JUNK (5865)

Simple, you call Take My Junk.

It is a group of people who collect such items, free of cost, recycle it in Ajman and distribute in various labour camps and such. I think it is a splendid idea. Moreover, it means that indirectly, you have contributed to makes some lives better.

I found them online (all hail the internet), and called. I was told that the pick-up guys will arrive by 5PM but they turned up at 7:45PM. I am not going to complain because I understand that these guys have a million places to be at, and at the end of the day, it is all for a good cause.

You’d be surprised at their dexterity. I had all the stuff (as shown in the picture above) and then some, which I couldn’t dismantle.

In less than 10 minutes, they organised everything, packed it up, and were out of my door. I was surprised at how quickly they managed it. They reminded me of the way Jim Carrey would zoom around in The Mask. They were that quick!!

All of this - GONE IN 10!
All of this – GONE IN 10!

If you are in need of such services (disposing unwanted but in good condition items), Take My Junk is what you need. Call them at +971 50 179 4045.

To know more about them, visit www.takemyjunkuae.com.

Cheers to new beginnings!